Refurbishment Process

From used medical equipment to ecoline system

Used medical equipment must look and perform like new. That’s why our ISO-certified refurbishment process goes beyond the basic cleaning, disinfecting, and aesthetic repairs often available with competitive offerings. 


Plus, you have the flexibility to configure your Siemens ecoline system to meet your exact clinical needs and budget. And we help maximize system performance and your return on investment by:


  • Rebuilding the system with only original parts and hardware
  • Installing the latest software releases for the current hardware
  • Testing the system using the same specifications as new systems
  • Guaranteeing parts and service availability for at least five years
  • Providing the same warranty and support as new equipment


Key Differentiators
The ecoline quality process surpasses the refurbishment basics of broker-sold Siemens systems

Watch how we breathe new life into our used medical equipment



We select only the best used medical equipment based on factors like:

  • Age and technology level
  • Condition, past performance, and service history
  • Software and hardware upgradeability
  • Spare parts availability for a minimum of five years


If the used medical equipment meets our selection criteria, we carefully de-install and deliver it to a Siemens facility to begin the refurbishment process:

  • Thorough onsite inspection
  • Professional, non-destructive de-installation by qualified personnel
  • Shipping in the original packing material
  • Transportation to one of the Siemens dedicated refurbishment factories


All selected equipment undergoes our refurbishment process to become a certified ecoline system that meets your configuration and budget requirements:

  • Thorough system cleaning, disinfecting, and aesthetic repairs
  • Comprehensive components and subsystems checks
  • Replacement of worn parts with original parts and hardware
  • Software updates based on the current hardware
  • Complete system check with the same test equipment and procedures as new systems
  • Compliance with industry standards: ISO 13485 and 14001, OHSAS 18001, NEMA’s Good Refurbishment Practices, and TÜV quality requirements
  • Application of the quality certificate and seal


Every selected pre-owned system undergoes a rigorous Refurbishment Process – it truly earns its place as part of the ecoline family:

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and painting
  • Thorough components and subsystems checks
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Software updates based on current hardware
  • Refurbishment Process with tailor-made configurations
  • Complete system check with original test equipment and procedures as with a new system
  • Application of quality certificate and seal 



Upon successful completion of the refurbishment process, your ecoline system is ready for installation:

  • Transportation and installation by qualified personnel
  • System start-up and repeated performance checks
  • Optional applications training based on your needs and system configuration
  • Presentation of the original user documents and quality certificate


ecoline systems offer the same warranty as new equipment to provide you with greater confidence in your purchase:

  • Warranty equivalent to a new system
  • Spare parts and support availability for a minimum of five years
  • Flexible financing solutions and service contracts
  • Qualified contact partners worldwide
  • ecoline Portfolio: Value and performance without compromise
  • System Buy-Back: Attractive offers for used medical equipment
  • Case Studies: Customer success with ecoline refurbished medical equipment