Asset Lifecycle Development

Asset Lifecycle DevelopmentRun your medical equipment longer, perform stronger, and invest smarter

Once you’ve invested in medical equipment, time goes by and requirements continue to rise. Build on our strategic Asset Lifecycle Development that lasts over time. We offer a comprehensive solution that helps you meet the need for high quality equipment at affordable prices and expand the lifespan of a system with state-of-the-art solutions. With our broad portfolio we support you in running medical devices/systems longer, performing stronger and investing smarter: no matter which state of the asset lifecycle your medical devices are in, we offer a solution and accompany you during the whole asset lifecycle.

Asset Lifecycle Development is Siemens Healthineers‘ solution for planning, improving, and replacing your medical equipment.

A whole asset lifecycle – with one partner! 

Access Performance

Access Performance -
with ecoline and Trade-in

Access ...
High-quality medical equipment with ecoline
Performance at an affordable price
New opportunities with Trade-in
Plan Performance

Plan Performance -
with Asset Planning Session

Plan ...
Your future performance
Your asset strategy
Your budget

Grow Performance

Grow Performance -
with Options & Upgrades

Grow ...
Your clinical capabilities
Your assets' efficiency and security
Your equipment's lifespan

Access Performance - with ecoline and Trade-in

Invest smartly. To differentiate yourself.

Right at the beginning of the asset lifecycle, we offer solutions that help leverage the full potential of Siemens Healthineers medical equipment. With our broad ecoline portfolio of refurbished medical systems you can overcome budget limitations by getting access to high-quality medical equipment at affordable prices. At the same time, you do not have to compromise on quality or the latest system technology because ecoline systems perform, look and feel like new systems. Furthermore, we support you with Trade-in services in meeting the increasing pressure on budgets by offering attractive buy-back values for existing systems.

Invest smartly. To differentiate yourself.


ecoline is your way to benefit from high-quality refurbished medical systems from Siemens Healthineers.

Trade-in Services


Trade-in Services: Don’t miss the opportunity to secure attractive buy-back values for your used medical systems and professional processing by trading in your assets.

Plan Performance - with Asset Planning Session

Asset Planning Session

Data and dialog. To uncover your potential.

To support you with planning and optimizing the performance of your Installed Base, Asset Planning Sessions help you uncover your assets’ long-term potential: The value of offering new clinical services; The savings offered by longer medical equipment lifecycles; The efficiency gain in your assets and workflows. We help analyze data from your Siemens Healthineers systems and discover more about the current imaging equipment and its utilization to derive your scalable asset management plan. From Options & Upgrades to new or ecoline refurbished equipment – we help you develop and plan asset performance in line with your strategic targets.

Grow Performance - with Options & Upgrades

Options & Upgrades

Smart decisions. To push boundaries.

Options & Upgrades are our hardware and software solutions to grow the performance of your medical equipment, tackle new challenges and seize new opportunities. We offer the right solution for your needs at any point of the system lifecycle. Whether it's about expanding the capabilities and performance of your assets, increasing productivity, extending the lifespan of your medical systems and staying up-to-date or even generating revenue from new clinical service lines.

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