Close-up of the ceiling-mounted image system YSIO X.pree

YSIO X.pree with myExam CompanionA leap forward in intelligent X-ray imaging

Experience intuitive, consistent, and future-ready radiography: YSIO X.pree with myExam Companion introduces next-generation intelligence and will redefine the way you manage your workload.

Our ceiling-mounted X-ray machine YSIO X.pree transforms care delivery with its streamlined and easy-to-use interface, 3D camera, and smart image processing. It helps you shape the future today and prepare for the developments of tomorrow.

The world of radiology is changing – and we have a clear vision of its future. Profit from intelligent technology and multi-system benefits that will assist you and your team for years to come.

myExam Companion uses the new possibilities of digitalization to turn data into built-in expertise for consistent results every time.

AI-Rad Companion1 is a family of vendor-neutral, cloud-based augmented workflows, that help you to reduce the burden of basic repetitive tasks and may increase your diagnostic precision when interpreting medical images.

Features & Benefits

Our ceiling-mounted X-ray device YSIO X.pree brings user-assisting system intelligence to X-ray examinations. Its supportive, intuitive, and ergonomic features benefit both users and patients.

  • Enable easy and undisrupted operation
    Thanks to our new user interface and an intelligent workflow concept, your team benefits from unprecedented simplicity and can define the ideal workflow for its needs.
  • Provide optimal support during examinations
    myExam 3D Camera revolutionizes collimation by enabling myExam Collimate2 and allows your technologists to keep their patients in focus at all times.
  • Ease the physical burden on your staff
    The tube touchscreen monitor is positioned lower than usual, reducing the need for neck bending. Users can also tilt it to choose the most comfortable position for their needs. 

Our ceiling-mounted X-ray machine YSIO X.pree helps reduce unwarranted variations in images by introducing a smart imaging concept that delivers an excellent level of consistency.

  • Achieve consistent images with noticeably less dose
    myExam IQ is our brand-new smart imaging concept that uses smart technologies to deliver consistent images. With Dose Adaptions, users can tailor dose to individual patients.
  • Reduce user-dependent variations
    With its live patient image, myExam 3D Camera helps users avoid mistakes in X-ray exposure, while the Positioning Guide2 provides individualized guidance and improves standardization.
  • Customize to your standards
    Your team can adapt YSIO X.pree to its needs using myExam Cockpit for fast, easy adjustments of the user-assisting tools. The Patient Size Adaptor helps tailor imaging to each patient.

Ceiling-mounted X-ray unit YSIO X.pree dynamically adapts to your current situation and evolves with your needs. Stay up to date and benefit from the latest technological innovations beyond your initial investment.

  • Benefit from a system that fits into your space
    YSIO X.pree needs just 2.5 m of ceiling height and offers flexible configurability to suit your clinical requirements, throughput, and patients.
  • Take advantage of outstanding service and efficient training
    Our onsite preventive maintenance maximizes system availability, and remote access to updates improves efficiency. Online and onsite training is a smarter, faster way to learn.
  • Stay up to date and grow with an upgradable system
    With YSIO X.pree, you can buy additional detectors or add clinical capabilities. You will also have access to the latest myExam Companion functionalities as they become available.3

Clinical Use

YSIO X.pree is designed for excellent image quality. Virtual Collimation2, Auto Thorax Collimation2, and Smart Virtual Ortho2 enable precise collimation for every exam. And with features such as the new imaging concept from myExam IQ, the Positioning Guide3, and Dose Adaptions, users can produce consistent results with noticeably less patient dose.

See how Auto Thorax Collimation2 speeds up thorax workflows and redefines the way users interact with their patients.

Learn how unnecessary retakes can be avoided by keeping the patient in focus – even from outside the examination room.

Learn how Smart Virtual Ortho2 can smoothen preparation for long-leg and full-spine exams and enhance conditions for patients.

Technical Specifications

System specification

Patient table and tabletop2:

Automatic tube tracking for smooth exam preparation
Flexible and comfortable patient positioning
Table height: from 52 to 95 cm / 21” to 37”
Max. patient weight: 450 kg / 992 lbs
Longitudinal tabletop travel: ± 48 cm / ± 18.9”
Flat tabletop or standard tabletop
Optional with MAX static or MAX wi-D

Ceiling-mounted tube:

10.4 inch touch user interface
Easily reachable touchscreen
X-ray tube: Max. exposure voltage (IEC 60613): 150 kV
Anode heat storage capacity: 580,000 J (783,000 HU)

X-ray generator:

65 kW, 80 kW2

Bucky wall stand2:

Automatic tube tracking for smooth exam preparation
Vertical travel range: up to 145 cm / 57.1’’
Low central beam height: 27 cm / 10.6”
Tilting: +90° / -20°
Optional with MAX static or MAX wi-D

Cybersecurity features:

Whitelisting, 90 days patches, HD data encryption, Advanced User Management including role-based access, centrally managed and audit trail1

Key features for clinical workflows

The new user interface:

Enables simple, smooth exam preparation. It emphasizes visual logic and provides guidance for everyone on your team.

The intelligent workflow concept:

Makes it possible to define a preferred workflow. The system then follows these preferences (such as when postprocessing should be done) for each clinical protocol.

The barcode reader license2:

Allows easy patient registration in the examination room.

myExam Collimate2:

Revolutionizes collimation with Virtual Collimation2, Auto Thorax Collimation2, and Smart Virtual Ortho2.

myExam Cockpit:

Offers functions to adjust patient registration fields, switch features on and off, choose a workflow, and define most-used tools.

Tracking & motorization2:

Provide full flexibility over how users work with the system.

Smart driving concept


System positioning at the touch of a button for up to 10 positions in the room.

Full automation2:

System positioning at the touch of a button.
Use virtually unlimited system positions at the touch of a button for a convenient and smooth workflow in your exam room.

Ready-to-go image impressions

myExam IQ:

Is the new imaging concept that deploys smart technologies to produce superb, consistent images at low dose.

Image Flavors:

Offer easy adaptions for aligning and standardizing image impressions in individual clinical protocols.

Dose Adaptions:

Enable tailored dose settings and use of the patient-size brackets defined in the Patient Size Adapter.

Dedicated clinical protocols:

Can be set according department-defined patient age brackets.

Detector options

MAX static detector2:

43 cm x 43 cm / 17” x 17”

MAX wi-D detector2:

35 cm x 43 cm x 1.9 cm (14” x 17” x 0.7”); 3 kg (6.6 lbs); cesium iodide scintillator; maximum weight capacity: 300 kg (661.4 lbs)

MAX mini detector2:

24 cm x 30 cm x 1.6 cm (10” x 12” x 0.6”); 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs); cesium iodide scintillator

Room planning

Room height:

min. 250 cm / 98“, with limitationsmin. 265 cm / 104“, without limitations

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