Increase your blood gas clinical knowledge with educational programsSiemens is committed to the continuing education needs of every member of your POC and laboratory staff.

Are you a respiratory therapist who wants to keep abreast of key trends in disease state management? Are you a central lab technician who would like to better understand the clinical applications of a diagnostic test? Are you part of a healthcare team working at the point of care that needs to master RAPIDLab® or RAPIDPoint® instrument operation and testing protocols to maintain your competency certification? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

These web pages showcase educational materials that will interest the many healthcare professionals who have a role in blood gas testing. Click on the tabs above to view descriptions of the instrument-specific, general laboratory, and application-oriented courses offered as part of Siemens Personalized Education Plan (PEP)*.

PEP* is a technologically advanced, virtual, competency-based education and training solution that focuses on increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each individual user—ultimately reducing the time to achieve job competency. Through this customizable approach, individual learners can plan, achieve, and maintain proficiency standards, directly from their desktops and at their convenience.

As an optional, seamless addition to PEP, PEP Administrator helps to streamline every aspect of staff competency management and administration—meeting compliance needs and saving time by simplifying the entire process. PEP Administrator provides the visibility, access, and management tools for quality and compliance verification throughout your entire organization—all with the same ease and simplicity your staff experiences with PEP.

Siemens is dedicated to providing unparalleled, personalized education, training, and management solutions, as part of our Customer Care program, to help our customers excel. We encourage you to visit our top level Education and Training page to learn more about all of the classroom, on-site, and online learning opportunities offered by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

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