Are you prepared to meet the needs of a larger patient population? Obesity rates in the USA continue to climb. Is your facility able to image an increasing number of obese patients?

The percentage of adults in the USA who are obese continues to climb and is predicted to reach 48.9% in 2030, up from an estimated 42% in 2020.1 Accommodating these patients for imaging may pose difficulties in terms of fitting through the bore, especially the shoulders, which can be the widest part of the anatomy. A 65-70 cm bore often restricts the shoulders even more than the abdomen.2 A 100 cm bore, as offered on the Symbia Evo family of SPECT scanners, allows you to better accommodate these larger patients.

Molecular imaging and nuclear medicine departments must be aware of the changing needs of this population, including the need to improve access to care with a high-capacity patient bed and wide bore to accommodate larger patients.

Watch this short animation to see how the number of obese adults in the USA has grown in the last 35 years. Learn more about how the Symbia Evo and Evo Excel can help ensure that your facility is well-positioned to accommodate these patients, now and in the future.

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