CybersecurityAre your medical systems at risk?

The digital transformation of healthcare is in full swing, and cybersecurity paves the way for your institution to participate. As a global market leader for medical imaging and diagnostics, we are committed to helping you stay on track, no matter what challenges and threats you may face. We offer a state-of-the-art portfolio of secure products, cybersecurity management, and consulting services that provide you with what you need for optimal protection across your institution. We are constantly improving our systems and processes, and actively train our teams in cybersecurity matters, so that high cyberthreat awareness always stays top of mind. Learn how you can plan for the year ahead and maintain protection as cyber threats continue to rise.*

cybersecurity protection
In 2019, 74% of healthcare organizations reported a significant security incident at their facility within the past 12 months.1

Although cyber criminals use different tactics to attack healthcare providers, most cyberattacks on healthcare providers have been in the form of ransomware attacks, or blocking access to computer data unless a ransom is paid to unlock it.3 However, today‘s criminals also try to steal sensitive patient data to destroy the liability and reputation of institutions, and to profit from financially.

69% of healthcare organizations indicated that they had at least some legacy systems in place.4

Medical equipment can become outdated prior to scheduled replacement. For instance, Microsoft is no longer providing official cybersecurity patches for legacy operating systems using Windows XP or Windows 7. To overcome these vulnerabilities and to protect medical equipment, we recommend an upgrade to the latest software version coming with the current operating system Windows 10. The new software version includes several built-in cybersecurity features and enables your system to receive the latest cybersecurity updates available.*

Asset Planning

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It can be difficult to grasp the entire scope of your installed base in relation to how it is affected by cybersecurity. Each of our customers’ security needs are unique and therefore require different plans of action. To fully understand the level of risk your systems face, register for a complimentary Asset Planning Session and let us help you navigate cyber threats. Through the holistic approach of our Asset Planning Sessions, we analyze the cybersecurity status of your installed systems, consult with you one-on-one, discuss your struggles and goals, and recommend various services and solutions to protect your institution from potential outside threats.*

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