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Because I love you...

Easily remind your loved ones about the importance of breast cancer screening

When there’s health, there’s hope

Early detection is still the best defense against breast cancer for women of all ages. Regular self-exams and mammograms can have a significant, positive impact on women’s health—and the well-being of the families and friends who love them.

Encourage your loved ones to take action

Women of all ages should prioritize their breast health. About 85% of all breast cancer cases occur in women without a family history. And in women under 45, breast cancer is most common among Black women.2 Together, we can do more to raise awareness.

Start the conversation

There are steps women can take to better protect themselves:

  • Nearly 40% of all breast cancers are initially found by self-exam3
  • Screening every 2 years can reduce breast cancer deaths by 26%4

Easily remind your loved ones about the importance of self-care and breast cancer screenings with these “Because I love you” reminders.

Below are a few options you can use for your posts. Don’t forget the hashtags! We recommend #becauseIloveyou, #breastcancerawarenessmonth, and #getscreened.

  • Things are more fun with you. <3 Do a self-exam. Get screened. Stay healthy.
  • You’re my best friend. If you promise to get screened, I’ll treat you to lunch @ [tag your favorite restaurant]
  • Because I love you here’s a quick reminder to do a self-exam, schedule a mammogram, and take charge of your health.
  • Nobody makes me laugh like you do. If you promise to book a mammogram I promise to [pick an activity you love to do together] 
  • You’re a fighter! This #BreastCancerAwarnessMonth I’m tagging all the inspirational women in my life as a reminder to get tested!
  • You are the glue that keeps our family together. Please schedule your mammogram. Because without you, we wouldn’t be as strong.
  • Your love gets us through so much. Please continue your self-examinations and regularly scheduled mammograms. We need you—so don’t forget to look after yourself!
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