syngo BLADE

syngo BLADE reduces dramatically sensitivity to movement in MR scanning. It is a technique that incorporates a k-space trajectory radial in nature and reduces motion artifacts and helps visualize the smallest lesions even in non-coorporative patients or when scanning is not optimal due to other involuntary motion like pulsation, respiration, etc.

  • Reduce sedation rates in pediatric and anxious patients, and get high-quality images to make a diagnosis
  • Reduce physiologic motion artifacts: Pulsation of blood vessels, respiratory artifacts, tremor
  • Especially effective in reducing CSF pulsation artifacts at 3T even in non-cooperative patients

Features & Benefits


  • Images in all slice orientations
  • Applicable in all body regions like head, spine, liver, knee
  • Compatible with Tim coil system and parallel acquisition technique (iPAT)
  • Can be used with PACE (Free-breathing technique)
  • Multiple contrasts are possible (T1, T2, Dark Fluid, STIR….)


Additional Information

syngo BLADE is a motion insensitive, multi-shot Turbo Spin Echo (TSE) sequence. Inter-shot motion correction is applied for reducing in-plane motion artifacts. This technique continuously acquires low resolution images during motion, then measures and corrects for this motion. Data is acquired in blades which include parallel phase-encoding lines. Individual blades are rotated to cover a circle in the raw data space.

General Requirements

  • MAGNETOM Symphony
  • MAGNETOM Verio

syngo MR A30
syngo MR B13
syngo MR C11

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.

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