syngo.viasyngo.via for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Your patients benefit from highest image quality, streamlined workflows, and the most comprehensive set of clinical applications available. Why make compromises, when it comes to managing and evaluating your MR images for the best diagnosis possible? You don't have to. Our imaging software syngo®.via1 helps you to get the most out of your MR images faster, easier, and anywhere2. Start your engines for routine, oncology, neurology, and cardiovascular cases now.

  • Have your cases ready and get step-by-step guidance
  • Access your images anywhere and share them with patients and colleagues
  • Receive all services from one partner and stay up to date and efficient

Features & Benefits

Our goal is to enable you to process, read, and share your MR images faster and easier.

syngo.via automatically prepares your cases for reading and guides you step-by-step – tailored to the individual disease.

Dr. Markus Lentschig

"The indication-specific workflows help to establish quality and best practice standards. It will increase diagnostic quality while using less time."3
Dr. Markus Lentschig
Partner and Radiologist at ZEMODI – Center for Modern Diagnostics
Bremen, Germany

syngo.via MR Engines
syngo.via MR Engines

syngo.via applications for cardiovascular, oncology, neurology, and routine cases are also available bundled in our corresponding syngo.via Engines.

A few highlights of our syngo.via MR Engines:


Routine Cases

  • Automated Case Preparation
  • 2D and 3D integrated
  • Fast and easy findings navigation
  • Easy customization of workflows “ad hoc”
  • Combination of different workflows per drag and drop


Oncology Cases

  • Synchronized, dedicated layouts for oncological questions
  • Automatically sorted from soft tissue to bone contrast
  • Semi-automated 3D lesion segmentation
  • Dedicated oncology findings and reports
  • Chemical Shift Imaging (CSI) and Single Voxel Spectroscopy (SVS)
  • Automatic selection of poor quality voxels in Spectroscopy


Neurology Cases

  • Fast calculation of color maps and 3D processing support
  • Local AIF and perfusion-diffusion-mismatch evaluation seamlessly integrated
  • Structured and standardized stroke report
  • BOLD Datasets are selected automatically and registered across sessions in fMRI


Cardiovascular cases

  • All relevant information in one combined, anatomically linked view
  • Automatic segmentation and editing with MR Cardiac 4D Ventricular Function
  • Navigation through time and space with MR TimCT Angio and MR Angio TWIST
  • One click Vessel Segmentation in Flow Evaluation

Ready to review

  • When opening a case, images are already prepared and presented in the application needed
  • Find them sorted in the preferred viewing layout
  • Preprocessed for the individual disease 
Video 3D Reference point

Ready to read

  • With syngo.via you can easily follow a structured workflow
  • All measurements and findings are automatically tracked and listed
  • All data is available when needed

Fast localization of the same point in all series:

Ready to report

  • With syngo.via, you can create disease-specific reports quickly

syngo.via speeds the way you connect and share information with your clinical partners and patients anywhere2 – even on the go2.

Networked for speed

  • Sent from modalities of all major vendors, images are instantly on your screen
  • Obtain images at a reading workplace, in a different department, in your office, at home...
  • If you use syngo.plaza PACS, they are available in syngo.via without a single click

Networked for mobility

  • Images are available anywhere
  • You can access them securely, share them with colleagues, and show them to patients

Networked for sharing

  • It’s simple to show images to colleagues, even during clinical rounds and discussions
  • Pointing out a finding takes only a click
  • Clinical information is collected in a tailored report for better communication


Be more flexible with syngo.via Mobile Applications

  • Access anywhere with syngo.via WebReport and WebViewer

Video Networked Scanner

The Networked Scanner means less time dealing with distractions and more time focusing on patients. Together with Dot and syngo.via, it can transform the technologist workplace.

Unique guidance for planning, scanning, and processing

  • Direct Protocol Transfer - configure patient-specific protocols quickly and easily
  • Protocol Management - with just one mouse click, access protocols from anywhere2 on the network
  • Direct Image Transfer - answer all questions regarding a scan directly from your office

Find out more in our Networked Scanner video feature and in our Case study Networked Scanner .

The syngo.via service offering helps you to keep up with innovations, get integrated services and rely on predictable costs now and in the future.

Anticipated innovation, availability and cost control 

  • Access new applications and stay at the edge of innovation
  • Professional support from one partner - whenever it fits your schedule
  • Clear service agreements - foreseeable costs, full planning security, and long-term system profitability

Siemens IT Care Plan – anticipation through knowledge

  • Primary Contact - personal support from someone who knows you
  • Application Support - targeted support when you need it
  • Fast Response Time - immediate support resolves issues instantly
  • System Monitoring - to increase availability of syngo.via
  • Updates and Upgrades – keeping syngo.via state-of-the-art

Clinical Use

Together with Siemens’ unique Dot technology, syngo®.via can significantly improve your workflow – from scanning to reading.

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Germany

“55%4 faster diagnosis, 98%4 faster findings navigation.”
Prof. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, MD
Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Germany

Markus Lentschig, MD

“Up to 59%4 time savings in abdomen reading.”
According to a study performed by
Markus Lentschig, MD and Marting Bünning MD
ZEMODI – Center for Modern Diagnostics
Bremen, Germany

“Up to 46%4 time savings in neuro perfusion reading.”
According to a study performed by
Hannes Lücking, MD
Erlangen University Medical Center, Germany

syngo.via for Magnetic Resonance offers a large number of clinical applications coming in four different syngo.MR Engine bundles: Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology and General MR for routine cases.

MR General
MR Spine. Easily synchronize all series

Optimized workflows – for any case, every day 

  • Wide range of optimized workflows for any case
  • Pre-defined steps and layouts for more efficiency
  • Step-by-step guidance with the Case Navigator for ease of use
  • Customizable workflows and layouts following your standards of care


All datasets available – ready to read

  • Images automatically loaded and sorted
  • Pre-processed according to disease specific requirements
  • Start processing and reading right away


One image – all the possibilities

  • Integrated 2D and 3D capabilities
  • Switch to 3D views of any contrast with just one click
  • Easily drag and drop images from other modalities or previous MR scans 


Useful tools – usability for you

  • Frequently used functions displayed next to the image
  • Fast localization of the same point in different series
  • regardless of orientation and contrast


Finding, not searching – for easy navigation

  • Automatic tracking of all findings
  • Listing of all trackings in the Findings Navigator
  • One click navigation to a finding – from anywhere in the case 
Video MR Routine

Segmenting, calculating, sorting – manage images of different cardiac views or phases and have useful information from other acquisitions, already linked to the series you are currently viewing.

MR Cardiology
syngo.MR Cardiac 4D Ventricular Function.
The software calculates relevant parameters
and automatically segments the right ventricle.

One view – all the information

  • Scroll up and down within a series and see linked data from other acquisitions displayed at the same anatomical position
  • Compare all available data and detect even minor abnormalities


Predefined layouts – according to image type and view

  • Images displayed by type or anatomical view
  • Images automatically recognized and sorted into predefined layouts
  • Prevent mixed-up images by order or location
  • Get a quick overview of even the tough cases


Comprehensive analysis – of functional parameters and flow

  • Easily review automatically created axis contours with syngo.via’s guided approach
  • Calculate all relevant parameters and display them in standardized graphs and tables
  • Faster and user friendly evaluation of blood flow dynamics


Managing angio images – from whole body to smallest detail

  • Automatic recognition of acquisition method for syngo TimCT, multi-station, or syngo TWIST, using dedicated layouts
  • MPR and 3D MIP views displayed next to each other
  • Easier handling of complex cases with AutoZoom and Drag-and-Drop
Video MR TimTC and TWIST Angio

syngo.via helps to make oncology diagnosis fast, intuitive, and more robust. Handle even large amounts of images from different modalities with comparative ease. Benefit from a high degree of automation and advanced ergonomics.

MR Onco
MR Onco Multi-Region.
Automatically sorted from head to toe, from soft tissues to bones.

Effortless case management – even for complex procedures

  • All images automatically loaded, sorted and pre-processed – disease specific
  • All images structured from head to toe, from soft tissue to bone contrast
  • Maintain high diagnostic quality throughout complex cases


Simplified case navigation – through guided workflows

  • Benefit from dedicated layouts for oncology exams
  • Read the most comprehensive cases with a few intuitive steps
  • Take advantage of guided workflows to concentrate on diagnosis


Automated Lesion segmentation –mark the lesion, see the boundaries

  • Identify the lesion
  • Automatically get suggested boundaries and computed volumes


Dedicated oncology reports – matching your referrers needs

  • Integrate findings with just one mouse-click
  • Add therapy recommendations at any time
  • Create dedicated reports that help your referrer, giving them all relevant information at a glance


Multi modality views - combine images to get the whole picture

  • Combine images from multiple modalities whenever needed
  • Side-by-side display of MR and ultrasound images, i.e. for prostate cases
  • Fusion of MR and CT images, i.e. to read brain and other cases
Video MR Onco Liver

Get more detailed information, order a trial license or get a quote:
syngo.MR Onco Engine
syngo.MR Spectro Engine

Establish a whole new level of speed and flexibility in acute neurology. Through immediate, network-wide2 access to the applications you need, and the resulting patient data.

MR Neurology
syngo.MR Neuro fMRI1.
A full set of tools for the evaluation of clinical fMRI, as well as advanced features for research oriented applications.

Fast evaluation – appropriate action

  • Immediate viewing and interactive evaluation of images
  • Automated sorting of data
  • Fast calculation of color maps
  • Supported 3D processing


Client server based applications – access data anywhere2

  • Get network-wide2 access to advanced MR applications implementing our client-server based software
  • Benefit from client-server based evaluation tools, such as perfusion evaluation
  • Combine routine and advanced tools everywhere2 in your network


Clinical and research combined – with syngo.MR Neuro fMRI

  • Neurological pre-surgical planning without boundaries
  • Discover new potentials in MR neurology through cutting-edge research


Video MR Neuro Perfusion

Technical Details

syngo.via is a software solution intended to be used for viewing, manipulating, communicating, and temporarily storing medical images. It can be used as a stand-alone device or together with a variety of cleared and unmodified syngo®.via based software options.

Software architecture, functionality, usability and interaction of syngo.via:

Client-server architecture

  • The server processes and renders the data from the connected modalities
  • The client provides the user interface


Multi Server Access

  • Allows easy access from one client to up to three syngo.via servers


Findings reporting

  • Findings and measurements are tracked and listed by the Findings Navigator
  • syngo.via creates a context-specific report based on findings and snapshots


User interaction concept

  • Workflow guidance and context-sensitive tool sets
  • One-click access to a patient
  • Up to 2 patient cases can be loaded simultaneously
  • Quick work lists allow fast access to patient data
  • Corner menus in each segment allow fast access to tools while eyes remain focused on images
  • Automatic tracking of findings and measurements by the unique Findings Navigator

A broad variety of clinical applications5 are available for syngo.via, either as single applicationsor as groups, referred to as Engines. There are two levels: “Engine” and “Engine Pro”.

Applications and engine concepts
Applications and engine concepts

A tailored processing and evaluation solution

  • The Engine level: addresses the needs of users who regularly work in a specific clinical field
  • The Engine Pro level: can be ordered on top of the Engine level, provides advanced imaging functionality and automatic features for state-of-the art reading

syngo.via comes with the following multi-modality reading functionality and applications, suitable for many needs in the clinical routine.

syngo.via included features

  • Image manipulation: Zoom, pan, window
  • Image evaluation: Distance, Angle, Marker, Region of interest, Volume of interest, Arrow, Pixel lens
  • Image presentation: 2D, MPR, MPR thick, MPR/MPR fusion, MIP, MIP thin, MinIP, VRT
  • Image processing: Clip plane slab, Clip box, Punching, Bone removal, Table removal, Parallel & radial ranges, 2D & 3D reference lines, 3D reference point Movie (incl. export)


syngo.via common features

  • Case Navigator
  • Findings Navigator
  • AutoSorting
  • AutoProcessing
  • AutoLayouts
  • Flexible application change

syngo.MR Reading5 includes

  • Basic workflow
  • Workflow customization
  • Follow-up support
  • Re-scan handling

syngo.via Applications and Engines5 for MR

syngo.via Applications and Engines for MR
syngo.via Applications and Engines for MR

syngo.MR General Engine
MR Radiology workflows
MR Cardio-Vascular workflows
MR Basic Evaluation

  • Subtraction
  • Mean Curve
  • Image Filter
  • Distortion Correction

MR Applications
syngo.MR Composing

  • Composing


syngo.MR Neuro Perfusion Engine
syngo.MR Neuro Perfusion

  • Perfusion
  • Local AIF

syngo.MR Neuro Perfusion Mismatch

  • Perfusion-Diffusion Mismatch
  • Evaluation


syngo.MR Spectro Engine

syngo.MR Spectro SVS

  • Single Voxel Spectroscopy

syngo.MR Spectro CSI

  • Chemical Shift Imaging

syngo.MR Spectro Extension

  • Extension for comprehensive spectroscopy evaluation

syngo.MR Onco Engine
syngo.MR Onco

  • MR Onco Workflows
  • MR Onco Report

syngo.MR 3D Lesion Segmentation

  • 3D Lesion Segmentation

syngo.MR Cardio Engine
syngo.MR Cardiac 4D Ventricular Function

  • 4D Ventricular Function evaluation

syngo.MR Cardiac Flow

  • Cardiac Flow evaluation
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