MAGNETOM TerraThe first 7T for clinical use

MAGNETOM Terra is the first 7T MRI scanner for diagnostic imaging and is designed for unprecedented breakthroughs in clinical care. The unique Dual Mode lets you switch between clinical and research operations, with separate databases to distinguish between clinical and research scans. This advanced ultra-high-field (UHF) technology has the potential to keep you at the cutting edge of MRI, to attract the brightest minds to your facility, sharpen your competitive edge, and strengthen your reputation. It unlocks your potential to publish new insights first and set the pace in diagnostic imaging.
Welcome to a whole new world in MRI.

Features & Benefits

The power to reach further and enter new territories is essential for those who shape the future of healthcare. Whether for basic, clinical or neuroscience research endeavors, MAGNETOM Terra lets you go deeper than ever before. All in one, the power of 7T MRI helps you deliver previously unseen insights that could improve patient outcomes and further enhance your reputation.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Amira - Image - Double SNR for more precision

When it comes to improving patient outcomes by answering the most challenging clinical questions, enabling deeper insights can make a difference. With double the SNR of 3T, imaging at 7T offers potential higher resolution in both anatomical and functional imaging.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Terra - Image


Medical research funding has stagnated in the last decade. MAGNETOM Terra provides leading-edge capabilities to increase your competitiveness, while making a tangible difference to clinical care, research, and your business. The new Siemens 50% lighter 7T magnet is designed to enable easier integration into clinical environments. 

The right business impact:

  • Easier, more cost effective integration into clinical environments; faster installation

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Terra - Image - Unlock research beyond clinical limits

Help improve patient outcomes:

  • A 0.2 mm in-plane resolution to visualize previously unseen structures
  • 0.14 cm³ voxel sizes for higher resolution.
  • Submillimeter BOLD fMRI resolution.

Technical Details

MAGNETOM Terra1 comes equipped with the latest ultra-high-field technological features.

Magnet System


Field strength

7 Tesla

Bore size

60 cm

Magnet length

270 cm

Helium consumption

Zero Helium boil-off technology


Passive and active



Gradient strength

XR Gradients (80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)



RF technology

 Tim [32 x 32], [64 x 64]



Siting and Installation


System length

297 cm

System weight (in operation)

<25 tons

Minimum room size11

65 m2


Tim: MAGNETOM Terra is equipped with Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology, which provides up to 64 coil elements and up to 64 receive channels for the excellent image quality and accuracy you need.

Trendsetting Applications

Trendsetting Applications: An MRI scanner is more than just hardware and software. syngo MR E11 on MAGNETOM Terra brings trendsetting applications to ultra-high-field imaging, helping you expand your MRI services.

Life Design

Life Design: MAGNETOM Terra’s improved workflow helps you improve patient and/or volunteer experience. Optimized siting and installation requirements, as well as ensuring future security of your MRI, are inherent parts of our design philosophy. The scanner’s brand-new magnet, which is 50 percent lighter than any 7T magnet produced to date, can be shipped cold via airfreight and integrated more easily into clinical environments, even on upper floors.

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