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Neurofilament Light Chain (NfL)* Testing Service 


Neurofilament light chain (NfL) Testing Service illustration

NfL is a structural protein found in neurons. Axonal injury and degeneration of neurons results in the release of NfL into CSF and blood, making it a candidate specific biomarker for a range of neurodegenerative diseases.

Testing for level of NfL may provide valuable data in clinical trials for neurological disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Siemens Healthineers blood-based NfL assay uses high-sensitivity Acridinium Ester (AE) technology designed to run on the Atellica® Immunoassay system for serum, plasma, or CSF samples.

We have extensive experience in NfL assay development on our proprietary immunoassay platforms and clinical trial assay testing, supporting clinical trials of NIH and top pharmaceutical companies.

Our NfL testing service is available through our CLIA-certified lab in Berkeley, CA, USA to support clinical trials.

Test Description

The Neurofilament Light (NFL) assay is a laboratory developed test (LDT) used to quantify neurofilament light chain (NFL) in human serum, plasma or CSF using the Atellica® Immunoassay system.

  • Sample Type: Serum, EDTA Plasma, or CSF
  • Sample Size: 1.0mL Serum or EDTA Plasma 0.5 mL of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)
  • Specimen Storage: Freeze serum and plasma at ≤ –20°C in a non-frost-free freezer or, preferably, –60 to –90°C for long term storage.

Webinar: Neurofilament Light Chain Testing for
Neurodegenerative Diseases

Get an overview of various applications of NfL in neurological disease clinical trail programs and learn more about the highly sensitive chemiluminescent acridinium ester (AE) immunoassay technology, which is being used for the NfL testing services at the Siemens Healthineers CLIA laboratory to support clinical trails.

Originally recorded on June 27, 2022 

Dr. Katherine Soreng, Ph.D., Global Director of Clinical Education, Siemens Healthineers, Presentation
Dr. James Uzgiris, Ph.D., Head of R&D and Technology, Siemens Healthcare Laboratory, Center for Innovation in Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers, Presentation
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