Clinical lab risks - 3 factors jeopardizing your lab productivity and patient care

There are laboratory errors happening that may be impacting your productivity and, potentially, patient care. Errors can cost a typical U.S. hospital up to $1.2M1. If left unchecked, how will those errors impact your lab this year or five years into the future?

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First factor: There is a personnel shortage, in part due to an aging workforce. Many experienced medical lab technicians are retiring or planning to retire. The average expected five-year overall retirement rate for all departments in a recent ASCP vacancy survey was 19.4%.2 In addition, retirement impacts educational programs and, as a result, training of the next generation of technologists. More than 40% of program directors for clinical laboratory science education will be retiring in five years.3 Adding to the problem: more than 40,000 U.S. lab jobs are already vacant.4

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