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Express Sampling and Independent Integration Features of the Atellica CI Analyzer | Model 1900  

Making results predictable.

The Atellica® CI Analyzer, Model 1900, delivers consistent lab performance, faster turnaround times, and enhanced clinical consistency.
The benefits of Express Sampling and Independent Integration:

  • Separate operations of CH and IA engines allow throughput to be maintained
  • More efficient workflows and increased throughput
  • Random access sampling with a reserved STAT position
  • No process interruptions, so you can load and unload “on the fly”

Why it matters
Labs of every size finally have access to a solution that can deliver continuous lab operations by running independent integrated CH and IA tests in parallel.  

The Atellica® CI Analyzer, Model 1900 interior

Atellica CI Analyzer internal look at express sampling

Continuous Operations 
Express Sampling is a feature of the Atellica CI analyzer that enables rapid and efficient sample processing. It allows for continuous loading of samples while the analyzer is running, reducing turnaround times and increasing laboratory productivity.  

Independent yet Integrated 
Independent integration is an advanced capability of the Atellica CI analyzer that enhances workflow flexibility in a compact footprint. It enables the integration of multiple analyzers into a single, unified system, allowing laboratories to scale up their testing capacity and accommodate growing sample volumes.  

Powerful Combination 
By combining Express Sampling and Independent Integration, the Atellica CI analyzer offers a powerful solution that maximizes throughput and efficiency in the laboratory. Laboratories can achieve faster turnaround times, optimize resource utilization, and improve overall workflow management.  

Achieve High-Volume Testing Capability 
With Express Sampling and Independent Integration, the Atellica CI analyzer empowers laboratories to meet the demands of high-volume testing while maintaining accuracy and reliability, ultimately delivering faster and more efficient patient care. 

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