digital compass to symbolize the direction healthcare executives see for digitalizing healthcare

Learning from the leaders in digital healthInsights Series – Issue 16: Global survey reveals CEO perspectives on healthcare digitalization during the COVID-19 pandemic


Digitalization continues to transform our world. While healthcare historically has been slow to embrace digital capabilities, it is quickly catching up with other industries, challenging healthcare leaders to address some important questions about the sustainability of these new advancements:

  • Are digital investments being made in the right places and are they generating the desired results?
  • Are organizational governance structures already in place to support further digital transformation efforts?
  • What are the greatest advantages of and obstacles to digitalization?

We asked healthcare executives around the globe to rate their organizations’ implementation of digital tools and the impact these innovative technologies are having on certain performance measures. The results of the survey, prepared and conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, offer illuminating perspectives on some of the most fundamental issues and opportunities of digitalization facing the healthcare industry in this time of unprecedented change and disruption.

Digitalization is top-of-mind at every level of the healthcare industry, both as a strategy to remain viable during the pandemic and to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Moving forward, industry leaders will look to unlock the full potential of healthcare digitalization.

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