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Diagnose von Willebrand disease using GPIbM technology

Features & Benefits

To correctly diagnose cases involving a bleeding anamnesis or a family history of von Willebrand disease and subsequently monitor patient response to therapy, physicians require a specific test for von Willebrand factor (VWF). A functional assay is the preferred screening method for detecting quantitative as well as qualitative defects of von Willebrand factor.1 

Now available for U.S. labs, the INNOVANCE® VWF Ac assay uses the guideline recommended VWF: GPIbM technology, allowing for a more accurate functional assessment of VWF with greater precision and heightened sensitivity. The GPIbM technology mimics true VWF function and detects variants missed by other assay technologies.

  • INNOVANCE VWF Ac assay uses recombinant GPIb with 2 gain of function mutations in a latex based GPIb-binding assay
  • GPIb spontaneously binds to native VWF
  • Ristocetin is not needed

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