Video Series: Changing PerceptionsTransforming Care Delivery with the Next Level in Automated Coagulation Testing

Swedish case study

Rising sample volumes can significantly decrease a laboratory’s level of efficiency. For labor-intensive disciplines such as coagulation, the impact is compounded. This is why Sweden’s Falu Lasarett chose the Sysmex® CS-5100 Hemostasis System with PSI™ technology as the first instrument they would add to a total lab automation track. Take a look at how they reduced the time spent on non-essential responsibilities with Aptio® Automation, and increased workforce productivity with a renewed focus on patient results.

“With automation we got better economics, we have better throughput for our samples, and I think we also have a happier staff. The most important thing for our staff is to focus on results, and that’s what we can do now.”

Silvert Stenman
Head of Laboratory Medicine
Falu Lasarett, Falun, Sweden