Continuous introductions of innovative technologies

Siemens and its predecessors have been powering up hemostasis laboratories around the world for more than 30 years. We’ve made a difference in patient care through the continuous introduction of innovative technologies.

  • Our Dade® Innovin® assay is a widely used recombinant thromboplastin providing consistency and, with an ISI value of approximately 1.0, demonstrates excellent correlation with the World Health Organization standard.
  • The PFA-100® System is the only platelet function analyzer of its kind. It has become the standard of care for screening of vWD.
  • We offer an unsurpassed Quality Assurance Program—the largest peer group comparison reports with real time access making quality control simple.*
  • Our ETP** assay is the first standardized, automated assay on a coagulation system for endogenous thrombin potential. This novel reagent is creating new opportunities in the assessment of thrombin.
Contiuous Innovation

Learn more about the continuous innovation we have brought forth over the years.

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