Have you powered up your lab with INNOVANCE reagents?

Have you powered up your lab with INNOVANCE reagents?

By partnering with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, you can experience the assurance of an integrated hemostasis solution that can help improve both clinical and operational performance throughout your entire laboratory. Our INNOVANCE® line will help you gain efficiencies, increase operational workflow and throughput, and better manage your resources.

INNOVANCE Heparin Assay
To make heparin monitoring easier for your staff, patients, and organization, Siemens Healthineers brings you the INNOVANCE Heparin Assay that provides a single hybrid calibration curve for UF and LMW heparin and utilizes liquid reagents to deliver precise results in fewer steps.

  • Makes testing simple for enhanced efficiency.
  • Improves control for greater reliability and cost efficiency.
  • Supports better patient and organizational outcomes.

Our INNOVANCE D-Dimer assay helps labs exclude deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) in conjunction with a non-high clinical pretest probability (PTP) asssesment model.

INNOVANCE Antithrombin
Our INNOVANCE Antithrombin assay provides better sensitivity for antithrombin type II defects.

Our INNOVANCE ETP assay is a new, innovative measure of global coagulability developed for routine clinical use.  

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