2 in 1 InnovationA World of Choices in one Portfolio

World-class fluoroscopy is in our DNA.
Tableside. Remote. 1-in-1 Technology.
We don't monitor the market. We define it. With innovations that lead.
Put our legacy to the test

  1. Control Console2
    Control console for more flexibility in exam rooms with SmartTouch – touch-sensitive joysticks activated only by a human touch

  2. SmartDispay2
    Display Ceiling Suspension: for flexible, comfortable, and safe DCS positioning

  3. SmartStepOn2
    Wireless foot switch: prevents unnecessary dose and delivers more safety and freedom

  4. Moodlight2
    MoodLight creates a friendly working environment for patients and staff.

  5. System X-ray tube

    • Anode heat capacity: 820 kHU
    • Collimator with semitransparent filters2
  6. Ysio Max ceiling-suspended tube
    With a large touchscreen of 26 cm (10.4”) touch user interface (TUI)

  7. Bucky wall stand
    Automatic tube tracking for smooth exam preparation

  8. Remote control console
    With SmartTouch, touch-sensitive joysticks can only be activated by a human touch with integrated TUI (touch user interface) for intuitive imaging

  1. Syngo FLC: The one-stop system that manages your entire exam workflow, from registration to documentation

  2. Touch User Interface: For fast and easy access to all table movements and imaging parameters

  3. MAX Image Chain: 17” x 17” MAX dynamic detector with Cesium iodide scintillator

  4. OPTIGrip handle with SmartTouch: Prevent unintentional system movements

  5. Height-adjustable table: 25.6” to 44.1” for easy patient transfer and access from behind the table

  6. Ysio Max ceiling-suspended tube
    With a large touchscreen of 26 cm (10.4”) touch user interface (TUI)

  7. Ceiling-mounted tube: With a large color touchscreen offering access to key image parameters

  8. Bucky wall stand option:
    Vertical travel range: 55”
    Minimal central beam height: 13”
    Tilting: +90o/-20o