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Optimize Mammography Imaging is a new program for training designed to help your experienced digital mammography technologists optimize their use of your facility’s imaging equipment investments.

Available for technologists who have operated either the MAMMOMAT Novation or MAMMOMAT Inspiration system for at least three months, Optimize Mammography Imaging can be delivered in three 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) modules or one 8-hour Onsite Workshop.

VILT: Online classroom training created to accommodate staff schedules and facility budgets.

Onsite Workshop: A didactic and hands-on training experience that occurs at your facility.


Both the VILT and the Onsite Workshop are designed to accomplish the same objective—to assist mammography imaging professionals in their efforts to continually improve image quality and patient care. Siemens offers two training options as a way to better meet facility needs and staff
learning preferences.

Why Optimize Mammo?

optimize mammo

The Need for Constant Improvement

Digital imaging systems are capable of providing high quality images while still helping your institution meet its financial objectives. As with any piece of complex imaging equipment, there is always room for improvement. Whether it’s artifacts or dose exposure, issues arise that can compromise image quality as well as patient and provider safety. 

Even veteran imaging professionals require ongoing training to further their
own ability to enhance image quality and troubleshoot various issues. And Siemens can support you every step of the way.

How it Works

Training is broken down into three sections. For the VILT, each section is delivered in a 2-hour online learning module.

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Whether you’d like to provide your mammography technologists with hands-on training or learning flexible enough to accommodate various schedules and budget constraints, Siemens has the solution for you.

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