Get peace of mind with annual, flexible spending credits for the lifecycle of your equipment. 

Changing clinical environments demand flexible education offerings to optimize advanced system features, workflows and patient care. With FlexEd you get the education you need, when you need it most.

With FlexEd, customers use an annual flexible spending credit redeemable for clinical education-specific programs and services. FlexEd addresses all of your educational needs from installation of your new equipment on through the entire lifecycle of your service plan.

  1. Live Remote Training
    Live Remote Training is a personalized service where our experts interact with your staff via our secure Smart Remote Services connection to educate them on your equipment and its clinical applications.
  2. Online Customized Workshop Online Customized Workshops are interactive clinical specialty workshops led by clinical experts with a strong focus on collaborating with peers in a virtual setting.
  3. Innovations Ticket
    World class annual conference for managers or imaging professionals
  4. Virtual Classroom
    Virtual Classroom Training is an educational event that follows a predesigned curricula, delivered in a virtual learning environment.

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