EMIT II Plus Cannabinoid AssayScreen for the most frequently used illicit drug in the world today

The EMIT® II Plus Cannabinoid Assay is intended for the qualitative and semiquantitative analysis of cannabinoids in human urine at a cutoff value of 20 ng/mL, 50 ng/mL, or 100 ng/mL. The SAMHSA initial test cutoff level is 50 ng/mL.

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Features & Benefits

The cannabinoid Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) is the principal psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and hashish. The compound Δ9-THC is quickly and effectively absorbed by inhalation or from the gastrointestinal tract and is almost completely metabolized by liver enzymes. The EMIT II Plus Cannabinoid Assay detects the major metabolite of Δ9-THC, 11-nor-Δ9-THC-Δ9-carboxylic acid, in human urine. It also detects other Δ9-THC metabolites.

The EMIT II Plus Cannabinoid Assay provides:

  • No cross-reactivity to NSAIDS
  • Excellent precision—all within-lab (total) CVs ≤2.1% for the 50 and 100 ng cutoff
  • Triple cutoffs available in one assay
  • Ready-to-use liquid reagents, calibrators, and controls
  • 100% correlation with reference method (GC/MS) at 50 ng/mL cutoff


Applications are available for the Viva-Jr®, Viva-E®, Viva-ProE®, V-Twin® drug testing systems and AU® Series analyzers.


Technical Specifications

 Assay Principle

  Homogeneous Enzyme Multiplied Immonoassay (EMIT)


  20 ng/mL, 50 ng/mL, or 100 ng/mL



 Reagent Stability

  Unopened: until expiration date. Onboard instrument: up to 4 weeks

 Calibration Frequency

  As indicated by control results