Portable CT for the ICU

What should the future of imaging critically ill patients look like?

Mobile CT Technology

ICU patients inherently have heightened health risks. When you add the dangers of transporting those patients for radiological imaging, it adds even higher risks. Your organization may experience:

  • Reduced patient coverage in the ICU
  • Clinical complications as a result of transport
  • Operational inefficiencies in the ICU and radiology departments

Add these risks together and it becomes clear—something must change.

To better understand these existing challenges and how together we can overcome them in future CT concepts, we commissioned market research on the current dynamics in the ICU and radiology departments for critically ill patients. Some organizations have turned to portable CT scanners in limited situations to help provide interim solutions. However, while early adopters report some workflow improvements, current offerings have not met all administration, ICU staff, and radiology department expectations. Our results feature findings from your peers who both have experience with portable CT (48%) and those who do not have a portable CT within their institution or workflow (52%).

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