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SOMATOM go.Top Upgrade 
with myExam Companion
Stand out in advanced CT procedures

CT scan machine SOMATOM go.Top

Across clinical fields, the demand for faster, more accurate, and more patient-friendly CT examinations is growing. Upgrading your SOMATOM go.Up to SOMATOM go.Top helps attract more referrals and gain more clinical confidence through its improved image quality, clinical capabilities, and workflow solutions.

With faster scan speeds, the SOMATOM go.Top reduces patient breath hold times and subsequent motion artifacts, enabling the ability for more complex studies such as cardiac. The myExam Companion intelligent workflow offers a high level of user-friendliness and patient convenience. Its intuitive interfaces intelligently guide users through each procedure, enabling standardization and reproducibility for users with different skill levels.

This upgrade only takes a few days to complete due to the common design and siting requirements across our SOMATOM go.platform. We optimize your investment by reducing installation costs, training time, and the transferring of licenses and protocols from your existing go.Up system.

Features & Benefits

SOMATOM X.cite with myExam Companion

FAST 3D Camera

Gantry-integrated cameraHigh Power 70myExam CompanionStellar detector

Mobile Workflow

GO technologies

CARE kV & 10kV Steps

Tin Filter

myNeedle Companion

    Speed, precision, and flexibility for CT-guided interventions

    Discover how the CT scan machine SOMATOM go.Top enables you to confidently perform routine and even complex CT-guided interventions with myNeedle Companion.

    Here you can find more detailed information on myNeedle Companion.

    Clinical Use

    With every patient and clinical indication being different, fast and easy adaptation is key to success. Confidently offer advanced CT procedures and optimally adapt to each type of patient: The upgrade to SOMATOM go.Top offers tools and technologies that help you turn challenging clinical fields into daily routine.


    Technical Specifications



    Rotation time

    up to 0.33 s


    7.0 MHU (17.5 MHU equivalent value with SAFIRE1))


    75 kW (187 kW equivalent value with SAFIRE1))

    High voltage

    70–140 kV in 10-kV steps, Sn100, Sn110, Sn120, Sn130, Sn140


    up to 825 mA (2.06 A equivalent value with SAFIRE1))


    64 x 0.6 mm

    Max. table load

    up to 307 kg

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