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Nearly one third of deaths worldwide is caused by cardiovascular disease.1 Cardiovascular imaging is considered to be one of the central pillars of diagnostic imaging, and Computed Tomography plays its part here significantly. With the increase in referrals for these procedures comes an increase in the complexity of the patients needing scans. We offer perfectly attuned solutions to answer your clinical questions in Cardiology – from diagnosis to therapy and follow-up.

Features & Benefits

NAEOTOM Alpha redefines which patient populations can be addressed with CT. It offers spectral imaging independent of scan speed and of temporal or spatial resolution.

This way, NAEOTOM Alpha makes it possible to confidently examine previously excluded patients, to perform scans that were not practicable before, and to increase follow-up frequency if desired. More clinical options. More opportunities for growth.

Explore NAEOTOM Alpha, the world’s first photon-counting CT, and other cardiac benefits beyond patient reach.

Dual Source CT scan machine SOMATOM Force

Clinical indications for cardiac CT are rapidly evolving. Already today it proceeded to much more than just coronary CTA: valvular disease, myocardial viability and perfusion, venous anatomy and congenital heart disease are just the beginning. This, along with patient diversity, requires the utmost flexibility in cardiac acquisition strategies – from systolic imaging through to full functional assessment at the lowest possible dose. The right acquisition for the right clinical indication and patient. Be ready beyond tomorrow with Dual Source CT.

Cardiovascular CT imaging is often perceived as a challenging procedure. Optimal image quality is dependent on a combination of various factors such as patient preparation, ECG signal quality and optimal timing of scan in the most appropriate phase of the heart cycle. We make cardiac CT easy for you with our unique GO technologies combined with the unique mobile workflow.

"Heart diseases remain the first cause of death in the western world. With cardiac CT we can assess coronary artery disease and according to the guidelines, now it's one of the first imaging modalities." Dr. Kallifatidis further states: "Our colleagues, our collaborators, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, they are asking for more and more examinations. With our new scanner, the SOMATOM go.Top, we have completely changed our workflow and I have raised the amount of my work up to 30 to 40%."2

Pressure and workload in radiology are constantly rising: more cases per day, more cost pressure, higher expectations. As an intelligent, integrated imaging software syngo.via with the CT Cardiovascular applications offer the full spectrum of applications optimized for your clinical challenges. And applications combined with Rapid Results Technology it helps to account for workflow efficiency as well as standardization of quality of care by automatic image creation and filing.

Dual Source CT scan machine SOMATOM Force

One of our persistent objectives is minimizing radiation exposure in cardiovascular imaging following the ALARA (As Low As Reasonable Achievable) principle. Additionally, the need for contrast media reduction e.g. for TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve intervention) scans of elderly and frail patients is increasing. Therefore, we want to equip you with the appropriate means such as our low kV capabilities or Tin Filter, e.g. for Calcium Scoring.

Functional CT strategies offer additional incremental accuracy for detecting hemodynamically significant Coronary Artery Disease among patients with intermediate stenosis compared with anatomical assessment alone. This is achieved by the incremental improvement in specificity and positive predictive value afforded by e.g. dynamic stress CT perfusion , FFRCT (Fractional Flow Reserve) Analysis and Dual Energy perfusion.

Watch the video on the left to discover the benefits of dynamic myocardial perfusion.

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