This time, every time, it’s personal.
See the difference more personalized care can make.

For you, breast care is personal. That’s why each step along the care pathway—from screening to diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up—should be personalized to individual needs. This is a journey, and, if necessary, a fight, for better health. And we aim to provide you with every possible advantage.

We believe you should have access to products and services that make your experience better, more accurate, and more comfortable. Better information can support better outcomes, which is why we invent technology that can empower doctors to make the difference in breast care—to push the boundaries of what’s possible in personalized breast cancer screening, detection, and treatment.

The journey—as a patient, caregiver, or physician—is personal. No matter who you are or where you are along that path, we are with you at every step.

See the difference Siemens Healthineers can make.

At Screening

With accurate and reliable screening solutions to offer you more certainty. With our mammography solutions, we aim to provide high-quality clinical information, protect and enhance your safety, and improve your overall comfort and experience.

Mammography Solutions
Our mammography systems mark a new era in breast care imaging with uncompromised image quality, up to 30% lower dose, greater comfort, and an improved patient experience.


At Diagnosis

To provide you with more confidence. We understand that in times of uncertainty, you want answers. That’s why we offer a comprehensive portfolio of imaging solutions that can provide the clarity needed for a confident diagnosis.

Diagnostic mammography with/without stereotactic biopsy
This biopsy system consistently guides the operator intuitively through the procedure, resulting in fast biopsy procedures without compromising diagnostic confidence.

Breast Ultrasound
Our ultrasound solutions offer consistent, operator-independent breast ultrasound results to help in diagnosis and surgical context. Handheld imaging also supports biopsy guidance. It offers deeper insights into dense breast tissue, helping clinicians better differentiate between tumors, healthy dense breast tissue, fatty tissue, and other conditions.

Breast MRI
MAGNETOM MRI solutions support clinicians in confirming a previous diagnosis from a mammogram and aid physicians in pinpointing the precise location of the disease for more effective treatment planning.

At Treatment

With therapy solutions to give you more hope. We provide solutions that can be used to help personalize your treatment and obtain the detailed imaging necessary for the most effective and efficient treatment.

Tumor-marker assays
Sensitive and specific tumor-marker assays, used in conjunction with other clinical procedures, can help drive personalized treatment and monitor therapy response. Information from serum tests like Serum HER-2/neu can help oncologists manage cases, including when to modify or change therapeutic strategies.

Imaging for radiation therapy planning
Our comprehensive portfolio of dedicated RT systems, including CT, MRI, and MI, coupled with our integrated software platform provide you with the accurate imaging information needed for a more effective treatment plan.

Image-guided radiation therapy delivery and treatment planning
Together, Siemens and Varian are advancing clinical capabilities in radiation therapy for the benefit of patients. The combination of Siemens’ imaging excellence and Varian’s powerful delivery systems expands the possibilities for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

Surgical Planning
For breast cancer surgery, our Ultrasound solutions provide exceptional 3D image quality. The multi-modality review capability enables the ability to compare information from different studies to better inform surgical planning.

At Follow Up

To monitor your treatment and support your best possible health. With post-treatment mammography, laboratory diagnostics, and medical imaging we can help provide accurate and reproducible results, so you can get the answers you need quickly.

Breast MRI
MAGNETOM MRI solutions, including dedicated breast coils, deliver the high-quality images clinicians need for effective post-treatment surveillance.

Tumor-marker assays
Sensitive and specific tumor-marker assays can help predict the likelihood of recurrence after completion of cancer treatment, and may lead to earlier interventions in the event of recurrence.

To characterize lesions more accurately, our PET/CT systems combine the anatomic detail of a premium CT with precise metabolic information of PET. It is the world’s first PET/CT system to eliminate the demand for stop-and-go imaging, which eliminates the need for additional imaging, saving time for patients and physicians.

Post treatment mammography
Offer patient care without compromise—in clinical confidence, patient comfort, and departmental efficiency—with Siemens mammography systems.