Pediatric - FluoroscopyExceeding the demands of pediatric fluoroscopy

Kids are not small adults. Pediatric patients present unique challenges and require high-resolution imaging at high frames. Kids also need dedicated imaging tools to manage imaging needs across various depths and patient sizes.

There are a multitude of reasons why children may require fluoroscopic procedures. From infants to teenagers, fluoroscopy is on the front line of defense. Every pediatric hospital needs a reliable fluoroscopy room for exams ranging from GI to urology and everything in between.

A 2-in-1 fluoroscopy machine, LUMINOS Lotus Max offers SMART solutions for seamless workflows and flawless imaging.

It’s 2-in-1 technology with fluoroscopic and radiologic capabilities that put kids first.


Fluoroscopy System Luminos Agile Max -  MAX assistance

Long fluoroscopic exams can stress children and their families.

It's difficult to keep children still. But moving patients can mean repeat exams. With fast exposure times and enhanced image processing. Lotus Max and Agile Max reduce motion artifacts and guarantee image quality with advances processing algorithms. So you have a better change to get it right the first time and avoid longer exams


LUMINOS Lotus Max- Pediatric

Still developing organs are more dose sensitive.

The pressure is on for pediatric imaging departments to deliver precise exams while protecting young organs from unnecessary dose.

Each of our fluoroscopy solutions includes a dedicated Pediatric Organ Program that let you choose from a multitude of pediatric dose settings and image quality parameters that fit the needs of young patients of varying age and size.

You can also provide significant dose reduction to your patients with our CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) package. Our Basic Package reduces the radiation dose for patients and staff by using dose-free applications like CarePosition and CareProfile. Our Advanced CARE Package lets you focus on the patient by ensuring a seamless workflow that allows you to avoid additional radiation dose.


Comfort Health Solutions

Children and parents are often anxious.

Anything you can do to distract children during their imaging exam can help ease anxiety and support a better experience. We built patient comfort right into our fluoroscopy systems, with an exclusive MoodLight option that puts the mind at ease even before the exam begins.

The atmosphere of the exam room can also impact a child’s stress level. Improve the patient experience by creating a customized room environment with our partner, Comfort Health Solutions. CHS provides stimulating patient environments and engaging content that contributes to a positive, nurturing atmosphere for the patient.


Pediatric patient talking to radiology technician while sitting on LUMINOS Lotus Max 2-in-1 fluoroscopy system.

A faster exam when you need it most

Pediatric exams can take longer. It's common for staff to be called on to calm the fears of young patients, adding stress and time to the exam. Solutions that streamline the exam (without sacrificing image quality) can support better outcomes.

Our Lotus Max features SmartMove technology that lets you program patient positioning with the touch of a button. It’s the fast way to reach a desired position, and a simple way to shorten the exam time for a better patient experience.

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