Veterinary Diagnostics and Multispecies Animal Testing Solutions

Siemens Healthineers has a portfolio of proven veterinary diagnostics, multispecies animal testing and veterinary imaging solutions that can help manage and improve patient outcomes. Our analyzers support veterinary research with accuracy and reliability.

Multispecies Solutions for Hematology

The ADVIA® 120 and 2120i Systems are the only hematology analyzers for both human and animal samples offering complete multispecies hematology testing capability with practical automation. The system features high-throughput capacity of 120 samples per hour with sophisticated technologies for blood cell analysis.

  • Twenty-one preprogrammed species provide ready-to-use cell gating across a wide spectrum of species.
  • An unlimited number of user-definable archetypes allow easy expansion to new species.
  • Data manager provides full traceability at no additional cost, allowing you to run customized reports at any time.

Multispecies Solutions for Immunoassay

Improve veterinary diagnostics and expand your testing range with the IMMULITE 1000, 2000, and 2000XPi systems. Hypothyroidism is the most common endocrine disorder in dogs and adult cats. Veterinary-specific tests for this disorder, including TLI, TSH, T4, and FT4 are available on the IMMULITE family of immunoassay systems.

Multispecies Solutions for Ultrasound

Siemens Point-of-Care Ultrasound has a variety of products that support Veterinary needs.

The ACUSON Freestyle™ ultrasound system has applications in procedural guidance for Musculoskeletal (MSK) applications and vascular imaging. The system has three probes to choose from; two high frequency linear probes and a curvilinear, all wireless and cordless. Optimal for maintaining a sterile environment without risk of cords contaminating the operating room or becoming entangled with a patient. The ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system is truly one of Siemens Healthineers most innovative technologies.

Multispecies Solutions for Ultrasound

The ACUSON P500™ ultrasound system is a compact laptop solution which is ideal for the clinical veterinary office where a portable solution is needed. The ACUSON P500 system is a robust shared service laptop and can also perform small parts imaging, along with vascular access. The ACUSON P500 system weighs under 18 pounds and can be easily transported for use across a wide range of applications both in the clinical setting and remotely with the option for additional battery packs for increased scanning time. This system is equipped with advanced proprietary Siemens Healthineers technologies and a diverse portfolio of probes for a variety of applications.

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