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Truly integrated systems to power more efficient teams. 

Intuitive workflows. Shorter procedures. With open connectivity, our automated equipment allows you to make decisions and treat patients more easily and efficiently. Every time.

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Ceiling-Like Flexibility without Limit

ARTIS icono: a next generation imaging system designed to complement the modern lab.

  • 45% smaller footprint fits in rooms as small as 269 square feet
  • Head-to-toe coverage: Treat patients as tall as 6’8” without movement*
  • Optimal radial access: 6’2” of lateral coverage without movement*

Higher Patient Throughput via One-Click Case Flows

Higher Patient Throughput via One-Click Case Flows

  • Put the power of procedural intelligence to work for your team
  • Up to 80% fewer necessary system interactions*
  • Zero manual adjustments


Optimized for Comfort and Ease-to-Learn

Designed for long procedure operator comfort, our new slimline tableside control system is easier to use – and learn – than ever.


Total Interactivity with Your Own Device – Tableside

Our systems integrate seamlessly with yours: view your content on our Large Screen system without missing a step


Total Connection, Zero Footprint: Wireless Ultrasound

The ACUSON Freestyle Series’ cable-free design means less time spent on setup.

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Faster Navigation and Lesion Crossing with technIQ and the CorPath® GRX System

Precise movements, higher wire movement predictability, and a 53% reduction in wire time with the automated technique Rotate on Retract1

Keeps the projection during gantry rotation without the need to readjust 

when swiveling the C-arm with a single push of a button, via InFocus

Maintains the projection angle during table tilting for increased imaging comfort

Through unique IsoTilt

Automatically creates upright images during radial access

regardless of C-arm or table position with StraightView technology

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