Innovations in electrophysiology have created a strong demand for highly integrated solutions capable of supporting smooth workflows for increasingly complex procedures. Radiation exposure during electrophysiology procedures remains a concern. Excellent image quality and lowest possible dose are vital requirements for patient and staff. Therefore, Siemens has put together one of the most future-oriented portfolios for electrophysiology, truly integrated solutions for enhanced patient care. We cover everything from imaging and recording to 3D guidance and co-registration with the latest mapping and navigation systems. Smart solutions designed to set new standards of care, safety, and efficiency for your electrophysiology laboratory.

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Rotational Angiography of the aortic root
Rotational Angiography of the aortic root

New perspectives in the cath lab - 3D imaging using rotational angiography

Siemens Healthineers is revolutionizing the workflow for complex cardiac interventions by introducing syngo DynaCT Cardiac, which enables CT-like imaging of the heart during the procedure using angiography. syngo DynaCT Cardiac enhances your diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities by enabling you to visualize cardiac structures like the aortic root, the left atrium and LAA or pulmonary veins in 3D, in the cath lab.

Visualization of the LA
Visualization of the LA

Time savings with 3D performance supporting atrial fibrillation treatment

syngo® Electrophysiology Guidance optimizes your EP workflow by integrating preprocedural cardiac CT/MR images or intraprocedural syngo DynaCT Cardiac images into your daily routine. While performing ablations syngo Electrophysiology Guidance improves and speeds up your examinations and provides images for planning, therapy, and follow-up of AFib ablation procedures.

Artis Large Display
Artis Large Display

Seeing the whole picture on one monitor

  • Unique Siemens Healthineers algorithm ensures native signal quality in re-sized image windows
  • Customized display settings
  • Fast, intuitive handling; tableside control
  • Integrated emergency backup ensures real-time fluoro information is always available
Artis Cockpit
Artis Cockpit

Cleaning up the control room

  • Benefit from streamlined setup and workflow
  • Increase efficiency with two operators working simultaneously
  • Customize layouts quickly and easily with drag & drop
ComboBox for electrophysiology
ComboBox for electrophysiology

Integrating the electrophysiology lab

A scalable solution for hemodynamics and electrophysiology, Sensis Vibe1 can be extended into a combined system featuring both hemodynamic and electrophysiology acquisition. The ComboBox is flexibly configurable and offers outstanding IECG signal quality, even during ablation. Further advantages: since you need only one system for both hemodynamics and EP, you need less space, have only one interface resulting in less training, have all data in one database, and can minimize your hardware investments. During complex EP procedures, Sensis Vibe serves as the central puzzle piece connecting key therapeutic equipment in the lab: the angio system, stimulators, ablators, and mapping system. Sensis Vibe also grows with your EP lab as it lets you easily add an additional ICEG board to expand your clinical capabilities in EP.

Clinical case: cryoballoon ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

After suffering from frequent episodes of tachyarrhythmia for several years, a 52-year-old male was hospitalized three times in just 12 months due to highly symptomatic, fast AF. Find out how Markus Stühlinger, MD, and Florian Hintringer, MD, approached the case.

Do you want to find out more about the case from Innsbruck? Watch Markus Stühlinger, MD, performing the ablations and find out what he did when the ablation of the right superior pulmonary vein was complicated by suspected phrenic nerve palsy.

Don’t have time to watch the full video? See an excerpt where Markus Stühlinger, MD, performs ablation of the right superior pulmonary vein using a 3D overlay on live fluoroscopy. Take a look at his summary of the case.

Watch Florian Hintringer, MD, perform a cryoballoon catheter ablation based on integrated imaging solutions providing therapy guidance and detailed anatomical data acquired with rotational angiography and intracardiac echocardiography.

Rotational angiography is very helpful in procedures using single-shot devices, says Florian Hintringer, MD. Corresponding features such as syngo LA Segmentation speed up the clinical workflow while the overlay of a 3D model on a live fluoro image in one procedure brings added insights.

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