Siemens Healthineers at AOCR 2018Intelligent Imaging. Enriching Patient Experience.

Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - Key Visual

AOCR 2018 is a step further to IRIA and the largest Radiology Conference in the Asia Oceanic Region. This year at Booth P3, we launched new products and technologies, organized clinical workshops and utilized this platform to discuss newer avenues in radiology.

The more information clinicians have the better outcomes they can seek to achieve. Intelligent imaging helps deliver accurate diagnosis, enabling the right therapy at the right time. With increasing digitalization and use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, our futuristic products and solutions enable you to offer an enriching patient experience.

Booth: P3

Venue: Hotel Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai, India.

Dates: January 25 – 28, 2018.

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Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - Machine Learning Vendor Presentation

Date - January 27, 2018
Time - 10.45 am to 11.15 am
Venue - Hall D

18L6HD probe combines high frequency imaging with HD technology that packs 576 fine pitch elements to give both excellent axial and lateral resolution.


Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - Corporate Symposium

Date - January 28, 2018
Time - 10.00 am to 10.30 am
Venue - Hall E

4th generation elastography on Siemens Healthineers' Linear probe uses Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) impulses to give the user point shearwave quantification, shearwave elastogram, and a unique strain elastogram to accurately assess extent of desmoplastic reaction, thereby clearly differentiating malignant lesions from benign.


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Get an impression of what happened at our booth right from the start to the completion of the successful event. We have put together glimpses of the booth, product unveiling and the collaborations with healthcare professionals.

Product News

Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - SOMATOM go.platform

Stand out in advanced CT procedures

  • Go for high performance with trendsetting workflows
  • Go for the full clinical spectrum with patient-centric technologies
  • Go for business growth with an all-in-one solution
Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - SOMATOM Force

Ease all your CT demands

  • Go for high performance with trendsetting workflows
  • Go for clinical consistency with advanced tasks made easy
  • Go for business growth with an all-in-one solution
Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - SOMATOM Force

Get two steps ahead with Dual Source CT

  • Get two steps ahead in clinical excellence
  • Get two steps ahead in workflow performance
  • Get two steps ahead in expert leadership
Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - SOMATOM Edge Plus

Changing views in CT

  • Changing views on patient diversity – with personalized scanning
  • Changing views on clinical paradigms – with advanced imaging
  • Changing views on patient positioning – with automated workflows

Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - MAMMOMAT Revelation

MAMMOMAT Revelation
See the difference. Make the difference.

  • Advance screening and diagnostic results – with highest possible level of accuracy
  • Elevate patient experience – with Personalized Soft Compression
  • Innovate care delivery – designed for excellence today and tomorrow

Siemens Healthineers - RSNA2017 - Product Highlights - GOKnee3D

Push-button, high-resolution 3D knee exam

  • Clinically validated, high-resolution, isotropic 3D knee exam in 10 minutes2
  • All essential clinical contrasts with image reading in all planes
  • Improve patient throughput and reduce costs per scan 

Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - ACUSON NX3 Series Ultrasound Systems, Release 2.0

ACUSON NX3 Series Ultrasound Systems, Release 2.0
Scan Smarter

  • Clinical flexibility and performance with up to 22 imaging technologies and features
  • TEE imaging with smart workflow: V5M transducer, syngo® Velocity Vector Imaging (VVI) and syngo® Mitral Valve Assessment (MVA)
  • All-new 11-4 MHz and Bi-plane transducers

Siemens Healthineers - RSNA 2017 - nexaris Therapy Suites

nexaris Therapy Suites
At the nexus of treatment innovation

Our aim is to provide clinicians and hospitals with solutions for pioneering new procedures and making them safer, faster, more precise, and less costly. We are constantly working to bring new, innovate multi-modality imaging solutions to both single and multi-room settings, using technology that lets you seamlessly combine imaging along the entire clinical pathway. Providing this cohesive technology enables greater flexibility and unlocks a multitude of opportunities to advance therapy outcomes and make medicine more precise. At this year’s RSNA we introduce, for the first time, the nexaris Therapy Suites. Experience two set-ups directly on our booth.

Siemens - RSNA 2017 - Product Highlights - epoc® Blood Analysis System

epoc® Blood Analysis System
Improve process efficiency with lab-quality results in about 35 seconds

  • Handheld, wireless testing for blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites
  • Rapid, accurate creatinine measurements
  • Results transmitted directly into the EMR

Customer Quotes

Interviews and impressions from Siemens Healthineers booth at RSNA 2017. Have a look at what our customers have to say.

I am glad to see the world’s fastest CT scanner, SOMATOM Force with free breathing imaging that is helpful in scanning elderly patients, unconscious or uncooperative cases and small children.

- Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, Max Healthcare

Siemens Healthineers booth was the busiest with demo units for new offerings. With more AI-based applications being introduced in the syngo.via workstations, both radiology workflows & productivity are likely to transform significantly in the near future.

- Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, Picture This by Jankharia

During my recent visit to RSNA 2017 at Chicago, I was impressed to witness the patient centric solutions at the Siemens Healthineers booth. Intelligent solutions like these will definitely empower us to enhance patient convenience and safety.

- Mr. G Narotham Reddy, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.

I was thrilled to look at the Digital Ecosystem platform that enables knowledge and data sharing across the globe with various healthcare stakeholders in a secured environment.

- Mr. Rahil Shah, NM Medical

GOKnee3D application is a new addition which provides fast 3D isotropic data sets with multiple clinical contrast flavours thus increasing the diagnostic accuracy and work flow enhancements of knee examinations. New generation Cartilage imaging using GOKnee3D platform will be one of my trump cards as a Siemens user.

- Dr. Ram Mohan Vadapalli, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre

During my visit to RSNA I had the opportunity to have a look at one of their most recent innovation which is the world's First FAST 3D Camera that helps auto-position the patient on CT table. It was fascinating to know how it would expedite the precise positioning of the patient and also its uses for interventional application.

- Dr. Ritvik Thakrar, Nirman Hitech Diagnostic Centre