COVID-19: Exchange between Europe and AsiaSiemens Healthineers Talks - COVID-19 Edition Webcast

The growing numbers of COVID-19 infections worldwide are challenging healthcare systems and pushing many of them to their limits. What can we learn from other countries in managing a national health crisis? Two leading healthcare experts joined us in a webcast to share actionable insights on COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and their response – namely Dr. Noel Yeo from Parkway Pantai in Singapore and Prof. Dr. Dirk Clevert from Munich University Clinic Grosshadern. Watch the exchange here.

The growing numbers of COVID-19 infections worldwide are challenging healthcare systems and pushing many of them to their limits. Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Singapore was one of the first countries affected by the pandemic. Parkway Hospitals in Singapore is at the epicenter of crisis management during this difficult time. Dr. Noel Yeo, Senior Vice President Hospital Operations of Parkway Pantai, shares his first-hand insights on how they manage this national health crisis - what have they done successfully, and how are they preparing for what's coming next?

In addition, this webcast provides insights on the diagnosis and staging of COVID-19 patients. Prof. Dr. Dirk Clevert shares his experience on lung ultrasound in patients suffering from COVID-19.

Dr. Noel Yeo

Noel Yeo is the Senior Vice President of IHH Healthcare’s Hospital Operations in Singapore, where he oversees premium healthcare brands like Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles. With more than 15,000 beds worldwide, IHH Healthcare is one of the world’s largest healthcare groups by market capitalization. He is presently the Chairman for Singapore Operations Division’s COVID-19 Command Centre, which coordinates the response across hospitals and with the government, and mobilizes resources during the COVID-19 outbreak. Dr. Yeo has personally participated in ground efforts where he performed temperature checks on inbound travelers and clinical assessments of suspect cases at border checkpoints.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Andre Clevert

Dirk André Clevert is Professor of Radiology at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and section chief of interdisciplinary ultrasound center in Munich. He is the chief of the DEGUM- one of the world’s largest ultrasound academies - Radiology section enabling knowledge exchanges in the area of ultrasound applications. Since 2019 he is an honorary member of the Korean Society of Ultrasound. They are contributing to the fight against COVID-19 with a point of care portable lung ultrasound device to better detect patterns of a virus-pneumonia. The device reduces the number of contacts, saves time and can be used at the patient’s bedside.

The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic is confronting healthcare institutions around the world with unprecedented clinical and operational challenges. This is an extraordinary situation as they struggle to care for increasing numbers of COVID-19 patients but also continue to care for other patients.

With the Siemens Healthineers Talks - COVID-19 Edition webcast, we want to provide a platform to share lessons learned and actionable insights on how to tackle the COVID-19 challenge. This webcast is created with healthcare providers for healthcare providers, including executives and decision-makers in health systems and hospitals as well as everyone who is playing a role in preparing for or managing this crisis.