AUTOPAK 300/AUTOPAK 300i Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Ergonomic design, fully automated random-access bench top chemistry analyzer. 


With an innovative system design and advanced windows-based software, the AUTOPAK 300/300i Analyzer features uninterrupted workflow, enhanced walk away operations and remote access diagnostics, that positions it as one of the market leading system.

Flexibility: A state-of-the-art benchtop system with removable reagent tray, host query LIMS, remote access capability with diagnostics and intuitive, windows-based software.

Productivity: Continuous sample and reagent loading with on board capacity of 95 samples (5 racks x 19 positions) and up to 72 reagent vials.

  • Electrical requirements: 600 VA
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 88 cm x 70 cm x 66 cm
  • Water Consumption (l/h): 2 litres
  • Computer/SW environment: up to Windows 10
  • Interferential optical filters: (340-750mm) – 12
  • Photometric range (linearity): 0.1/3.6
  • Optical resolution: 0.0001 ABS
  • Optional direct 4-ISE module
  • Internal barcode reader for samples, sectors, and reagents
  • Halogen Tungsten lamp life with sleep mode of 2000 hours
  • Sample and reagent precision of syringe at full stroke: 0.05% CV
    • Throughput: Up to 300tests/hour reagent module or up to 480tests/hour with the optional ISE module
    • Temperature controlled cuvette tray via air bath: 37 degree Celsius
    • Reaction Volume: 180 -650ul.
    • Sample volume: 2-2000ul
    • Probes/pipettes: 1
    • Time to first result: 45 seconds.
    • Refrigerated reagents: 8±2℃
    • Refrigerated on-board single reagent vials: 72
    • Removable and interchangeable reagent tray
    • Up to three different reagents per test
    • Continuously monitored loading/access of reagents
    • Multiple reagent bottles of the same assay/test can be on-board (different lots)
    • On-screen inventory management with real time tracking of on-board reagent availability
    • Software available in 9 languages

    • Primary, secondary tubes and micro-cups for pediatric samples
    • Sample Racks/Positions per rack: 5/19
    • Samples on-board capacity: 95
    • Continuous loading of sample racks
    • Real STAT function
    • Automatic sample dilution
    • Post-analytical tasks such as re-running and post-dilution can go in next line, for better alignment
    • Editable complete A4 patient report
    • Unlimited/searchable patient records