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The ARTIS icono family is designed to help you realize the potential for growth by enabling you to offer a wide procedure mix in a single interventional suite. Its state-of-the-art angiography technology will keep you at the top of your game for years to come. This is what we mean by an icon of innovation.

Whether for interventional radiology, neuro interventions, cardiovascular care, or interventional surgery, ARTIS icono is the system designed to your specific needs. Available as a floor, ceiling, or biplane system, it meets both your clinical and business challenges in a fast pacing healthcare world. 

Angiography system ARTIS icono floor with large display
Angiography system ARTIS icono ceiling
Angiography System ARTIS icono biplane angiography system

ARTIS icono with Xpand

Expand your freedom 

We will give ARTIS icono ceiling a new move. Find out how ARTIS icono ceiling with Xpand will make your daily work easier in the angio suite. 

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