Artis Q.zen

Artis Q.zenVisionary intervention – ultra-low dose

Visionary in performance. Visionary in precision. Visionary in sensitivity.

The Artis Q.zen product line for interventional imaging is a visionary breakthrough in X-ray detection with excellent sensitivity enabling ultra-low dose imaging, e.g. up to 6 nGy/f. It also takes performance in X-ray generation and precision to the next level.

Experience the future of interventional imaging.


Features & Benefits

Artis Q.zen offers unparalleled performance with the new powerful GIGALIX X-ray tube for high contrast resolution at any angle and any patient size. The optimized X-ray pulse helps to reduce radiation by up to 60%.

GIGALIX X-ray tube

GIGALIX X-ray tube – Focused power

  • Flat emitter technology for high contrast resolution even at steep angulations
  • Small square focal spots for excellent spatial resolution to see more details
  • CLEARpulse for sharp images and low dose


Precise guidance is needed for successful interventions. Artis Q.zen offers applications for cardiology, interventional radiology and image-guided surgery.

Bifurcation CSL 3rd stent

ClearStent Live – Real-time stent enhancement software

ClearStent Live allows a real-time verification of the stent positioning while moving the device, eliminating cardiac movement.

  • Support of complex procedures
  • Real-time verification of stent positioning while moving the device
  • Potential to speed up procedures and to save contrast agent


syngo DynaPBV Body

syngo DynaPBV Body – Evaluate perfusion for personalized therapy

syngo DynaPBV Body provides 3D functional imaging indicating the distribution of blood in tissue by means of color-coded cross-sectional blood volume maps and qualitative blood volume measurements.

  • Provides physiological information about lesions directly in the angio-suite
  • Supports endpoint determination during embolization
  • Potential to identify non-responders directly in the angio-suite


Artis Q.zen inaugurates a new detector technology based on crystalline silicon that reduces electronic noise and allows imaging at ultra-low dose levels.

Crystalline Silicon Detector

Crystalline silicon detector – High sensitivity for ultra-low dose imaging

  • Active matrix with on-pixel amplification increases the signal-to-electronic-noise ratio and enables ultra-low dose imaging
  • Ultra-low dose imaging reduces radiation for both patients and staff, especially in long-lasting procedures with fluoroscopy guidance
  • More coverage compared to small cardiology detectors


Clinical Use