Next Level

Er du interesseret i at læse om andre kunders erfaringer, holde dig opdateret inden for relevante kliniske områder samt læse om produktnyheder? Next Level er vores nordiske kundemagasin med artikler inden for medicoteknik, laboratoriediagnostik samt digitale løsninger.

DK-Nexl Level customer magazine
  •  First mobile CT scanner on site in Denmark and Norway. Page 26.
  • Mock-up  MR scanner helps to reduce anxiousness for children. Page 6.
  • Remote Scanning – a new way of doing examinations in a region in the Northern part of Sweden. Page 16.
  • The Future in Hjørring is Designed From Visions and IT - read how Sygehus Vendsyssel Hjørring has implemented it solutions to cope with the increasing number of lab-tests. Page 20.
  • Virtual technology makes the delivery of service and support highly efficient, using Augmented Reality visualization. Page 22. 
  • Pioneering partnership with the Hospital Nova in Finland
  • Artificial Intelligence as an invisible helper in diagnostic imaging
  • COVID-19 insights and experiences in the Nordic countries
  • Use of advanced CT scanners can improve diagnosing of wrist fracture
  • Optimizing performance with a human-centric hospital layout at Stavanger Hospital in Norway
  • Robotic technology is finding its way into the cath lab
  • Behind the Scenes: Stockholm University’s New State-of-the-art Brain Research Institute
  • Stroke Thrombectomy: Implementing Life-Saving Neurointerventions
  • A strategic Partnership aims to make Nova the most Modern Hospital in Finland
  • New Imaging Possibilities with 3D and Overlay for Treatment of Heart Diseases
  • Expanding Remote Monitoring of Patients
  • Lung Cancer Screening can save Lives
  • First 7 Tesla MRI scanner in place in Norway
  • Keeping a Focus on Satisfaction in a Time of Complex Change

Next Level (1, 2019)
  • From digital twin to improved patient experience
  • The Atellica Solution community is growing in the Nordic and Baltic countries
  • How the epoc® point-of-care analyzer can keep you where you want to be
  • A more accurate prognosis with MRI technology on animals
  • Will ethics be lost when health care is taken over by AI?
  • Making mammography more comfortable for the patient – and more precise
  • New MRI center in Jyväskylä in Finland
  • Parametric imaging: From research to clinical use
  • Move knowledge, not staff with remote scanning cockpit
  • Innovation news


  • Epoc saves critical time in urgent care
  • The TELMA project in Norway: Better health with telemedical monitoring
  • Minimally invasive, maximally effective: Hybrid operating theatres provide better treatment
  • Early adaptors about Atellica Solution
  • Denmark builds digital bridges with international perspective
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: A silent killer
  • Oulu University Hospital aims to be at the cutting edge of research and care
  • Artificial intelligence brings precision medicine to the next level
  • Can laboratory medicine live up to today's Troponin requirements?