Clinical Workflow Server Guided Tour

Learn about our clinical network server and see for yourself how it can promote anywhere, anytime access to all your patient cases and workflow tools. To get started, select a topic of interest under a given chapter (e.g Acquisition, Processing, Reading or Sharing) to learn more based on a specific workflow step.


Image Acquisition
syngo MI Applications greatly facilitates image acquisition. Patients can be automatically registered from the RIS modality worklist and paired with the right acquisition protocol. Gated and non-gated series can be acquired simultaneously for highest quality images. Projection images are displayed for in-line quality control, and processing starts automatically after acquisition for improved efficiency. A new acquisition can be started in parallel to processing, and studies can be suspended to increase scanner usage. Modality performed procedure Step information can be transferred back to the RIS for billing, and the study can be forwarded for the next workflow step.


  • Patient registration from RIS modality worklist
  • Automatic pairing of study types with acquisition protocols
  • In-line QC
  • Parallel acquisition and processing
  • Suspend study option
  • MPPS information and data transfer for seamless workflow


Image Processing
syngo MI Applications helps automate image processing. Rules can be defined to pair studies with the right processing protocol. Reconstruction starts automatically after acquisition and performs motion correction and segmentations. Manual adjustments are processed immediately for updated results. The Flash reconstruction algorithm allows for acquisitions in half the time without loss in image quality.


  • Processing starts automatically after acquisition
  • Studies can be automatically paired with the right processing protocol
  • Motion correction and segmentation is performed
  • Manual adjustments are instantly reflected in updated results
  • Flash reconstruction allows for half-time imaging without loss in quality
Bone Planar


Efficient Customized Reading
syngo MI Applications provides a flexible environment for efficient reading, that can be customized to personal preferences and needs. Cases ready for review become visible in the physician reading worklist. They can be prepared to be displayed with the appropriate reading protocol, including the quantification packages Corridor 4DM or Cedars. A comprehensive set of tools for image visualization and manipulation is also available.To facilitate interpretation further, the display content and layout can be fully customized and even created new! Display settings such as LUT, zoom, and windowing are saved with the layout to save time.


  • Physician Worklist based reading
  • Cases prepared with reading protocol
  • 4DM, Cedars, Emory available
  • Fully customizable display
  • Comprehensive tools for visualization and manipulation
  • Saving of presentation settings like LUT, zoom and windowing

Antime Access, Easy to Install, Economical
syngo MI Applications is not limited to workstations. It can also be deployed on the new client-server platform! provides anywhere, anytime access to the full processing and reading capabilities of syngo MI Applications - from any PC or Mac! The solution is easy to install and operate, as it connects with existing cameras, RIS, and PACS. is also economical to maintain and expand. Administration is centralized in one server, and additional user licenses can be added at any time.


  • ACCESS to full processing and reading capabilities from anywhere
  • EASY to install and operate
  • ECONOMICAL to maintain and expand is an economical client-server solution for anywhere, anytime processing and reading of SPECT and SPECT•CT studies. Any standard PC or Mac with network connection can be set up as a client computer so long as minimum hardware requirements are met. A virtually unlimited number of client computers can be connected and up to five concurrent users have access to the system simultaneously. To take advantage of the full processing and reading capabilities, is configurable with advanced clinical applications, including the Corridor 4DM, Cedars, or Emory cardiac packages. is particularly helpful for scenarios that require remote or off-site image access, such as clinical case review, on-call shifts, 2nd opinion, or off-site reading.