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It’s a challenging time in healthcare. But one surprisingly full of opportunities for executives charged with delivering high-quality care in a value-based environment. Welcome to a place where you and your teams can find insights, ideas and solutions for success in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare markets.

Featured topic: Overhead Costs in Healthcare - Burden or Opportunity?

Consider this example: Every year, $190 billion are spent on excess administrative costs in the U.S. alone.1 Want more insights?
Check out our new white paper about identifying, controlling, and reducing overhead costs in the healthcare sector.

Peer to peer: Who is setting new benchmarks?

As your inspiring partner we provide and continuously update a collection of best practices in healthcare, not only from our large scope of successfully implemented projects, but also from your peers who are setting new standards for state-of-the-art quality of care and sustainable success.

Our customers' best-practice experiences:
Find out how we helped our partners around the world address today’s challenges.

Best practices we also recommend:
Check out our selection of best-practice examples implemented by your peers.

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1Institute of Medicine, 2014