syngo Portal Referring Physician

The syngo Portal Referring Physician* offers role-based workflow support and allows for a fast and secure interaction with the radiology department. By accelerating routine work, the portal helps physicians focus on their essential tasks – taking care of their patients.

"Portalize your workflow” – with the syngo Portal Referring Physician.

  • Easy scheduling of appointments
  • Quick and easy exam requests
  • Priority information at a glance
  • Access to more detailed information with just one click
  • Higher patient throughput
  • Cost-efficient solution

Eigenschaften & Vorteile

The syngo Portal Referring Physician creates a fast and efficient link between the referrer and the radiology department – optimizing appointment planning, scheduling, and communication.

Appointments can be scheduled easily and directly from the referrer’s office or ward. Requests and scheduling can be performed with predefined request sheets and online scheduling – providing that all relevant information is completely available.

Time savings

The referrer has quick access to current reports and can receive a short-form report with just one click.

Enhanced workflow

The most important information is available at a glance; details can be viewed with just a few clicks.

Greater patient benefit

By spending less time with routine work, referrers can focus on the essentials – taking care of their patients.

Higher patient throughput

Time-saving workflow reduces waiting times for patients and increases throughput.


The syngo Portal Referring Physician can be used on an ordinary PC.