Expand your Scanner’s Capabilities

Evolve Program

Up-to-date, powerful software and hardware are key factors for maximizing the performance and diagnostic quality of your systems. The Evolve Program helps you keep pace with rapidly developing technology – providing a well-planned upgrade of your existing software. Thus the Evolve Program increases the functionality of your existing software applications and allows you access to innovative clinical and diagnostic applications with more and improved functionalities. The corresponding hardware upgrade ensures that your system will meet the constantly growing demand for more speed and power.

Technological benefits

  • Upgrade to latest software version
  • Proactive upgrade planning – we plan the next level of technology for you
  • Cutting-edge performance, speed, reliability, and efficiency

Clinical benefits

  • Feature enhancements for your existing software solutions
  • Access to new clinical and diagnostic applications
  • Higher productivity for improved competitiveness

Economic benefits

  • Increased investment protection
  • Economical and calculable budget planning
  • Access to new clinical applications drives new business opportunities


With the Evolve Program you enjoy a planned upgrade of your SOMATOM scanner within 5 years, typically 3 years after system installation. The upgrade contains the following elements:

  • Software upgrade

Your system will be upgraded to the next SOMATOM CT scanner software version. This will enhance the functionality of your existing software applications and give you optional access to new innovative software applications.

  • Hardware upgrade

This upgrade comprises the hardware needed to take advantage of the new software. We will exchange your acquisition workplace and the CT workplace as well, if one exists.