Symbia Evo Excel

Symbia Evo Excel

Malý je nový velký

Symbia Evo™ Excel maximalizuje užitek, který zobrazování SPECT poskytuje vašemu pracovišti. Malý zvenčí a velký uvnitř, Symbia Evo Excel kombinuje špičkovou technologii SPECT s nejmenšími1 rozměry v oboru, což dává inteligentním investicím nový význam.

Features & Benefits

Symbia Evo Excel
    Doctor in front of scanner

    Equipped with leading high-definition detector technology, Symbia Evo Excel offers the highest collimator sensitivity and the best NEMA-reconstructed resolution1. Symbia Evo Excel produces outstanding image quality to improve lesion detection and characterization, potentially reducing the need for additional studies.

    Obese patient

    Delivering high-quality care means being able to scan every patient regardless of size or condition2. With Symbia Evo Excel, you can improve the satisfaction of large or claustrophobic patients with a 30%3 larger bore and shorter tunnel length—for more comfortable and quicker scans. A high-weight capacity, low-height patient bed, and exceptional detector flexibility further increase your scannable population by accommodating gurney/hospital bed imaging and patients with limited mobility.

    Symia Evo Excel gantry

    When looking to modernize your department, Symbia Evo Excel makes sense. Up to 29% smaller1 than conventional SPECT systems, Symbia Evo Excel is designed to meet your space requirements—often without the need for room remodeling or renovation of existing infrastructure—so you can quickly get up and running. Engineered to manage key life-cycle costs, Symbia Evo Excel is a smart investment that works for you over the years to come.

    Technical Specifications

    Gantry Dimensions


    System length

    4.48 m (14.7 ft)

    System width

    2.16 m (7.1 ft)

    Minimum scanner room size

    3.61 m (11 ft 10 in) x 4.58 m (15 ft 0 in)

    Tunnel opening

    101.1 x 78.2 cm (39.8 x 30.8 in)

    Tunnel length

    34.1 cm (13.4 in)



    Crystal thickness

    3/8” or 5/8”

    Detector dimension (FOV)

    53.3 x 38.7 cm

    Energy range

    35-588 keV

    System sensitivity (LEHR at 10 cm)

    202 cpm/μCi

    Acquisition modes

    Static, dynamic, gated, SPECT, gated SPECT, dynamic SPECT, whole-body, whole-body SPECT