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Poskytovatelé zdravotní péče na celém světě jsou pod rostoucím tlakem, aby zvládli dvě protichůdné síly: poskytovat péči nejvyšší kvality se stále klesajícími náklady. Počet vyšetření magnetickou rezonancí stoupá, protože toto vyšetření stále prokazuje svou diagnostickou hodnotu a rozšiřuje klinické možnosti. MAGNETOM Skyra je 3T MRI navržená tak, aby proměnila zmíněné výzvy v příležitosti.

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Features & Benefits

Growing healthcare expenditures and changing patient populations lead to an increased demand for standardization and higher efficiency. With a full range of routine and advanced applications, MAGNETOM Skyra allows you to answer these challenges. Improve your processes through greater standardization and extend your clinical capabilities by offering new services.

Deliver exceptional quality and speed

Make the most of your MRI scanner and improve cost efficiency by accelerating scans for each and every patient. GOBrain enables clinically validated push-button brain examinations in five minutes. This is enabled by Tim 4G's ultra-high coil element density, delivering exceptional quality and speed for efficient processes, day-in and day-out. In addition, CAIPIRINHA reduces the need for rescans through shorter breath hold times.

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Tailor and manage protocols to your specific requirements, improve flexibility, and deliver high-quality care, consistently.2 DotGO keeps your processes running on time with intuitive protocol management, user guidance, and smart automation techniques integrated in one user-interface. Leverage powerful DotGO solutions to ensure efficient workflow and consistent image quality – across all patients and operators.

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Serve new and growing patient populations with trendsetting applications to differentiate your institute. Overcome the challenges of body MRI with our embrace motion technology FREEZEit and offer free-breathing examinations to those with limited breath hold capacity. Further expand your MRI services with Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS), a paradigm shift in MR imaging. With SMS, it is now possible to accelerate 2D exams significantly and perform advanced neurological examinations, previously excluded from routine imaging.

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Siemens Healthineers’ service offerings ensure that you stay at the leading edge of 3T technology throughout the entire MRI lifecycle – from installation, to operation, to upgrades, to ongoing support. Moreover, our active communication platforms and communities – such as MAGNETOM World – keep you up to speed on the world of MRI and enable you to share your ideas and experiences with your peers.

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