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Forming a long-term partnership to support the newly built Hospital Nova with their patient-centric and high-quality care strategy implementation

Hospital Nova is engaging in Finland´s first-of-its-kind Value Partnership.
The newly established and first-of-its-kind Value Partnership in Finland focuses on combining the visionary strategy of the Central Finland Healthcare District, characterized by a groundbreaking patient-centric approach, with the innovations and know-how portrayed by Siemens Healthineers. This pioneering cooperation is well set to enable Hospital Nova – the main hospital of the Central Finland Healthcare District – to provide high-quality diagnostics, increase workflow optimization, and improve overall patient experience.
Korona-aika testasi yhteistyön sujuvuuden Sairaala Novassa

Implementing a patient-centric strategy by leveraging a long-term, trusted partnership

This collaboration is set to revolutionize the services offered by Hospital Nova and is expected to enhance the hospital's ability to provide top-notch diagnostic services, streamline workflow processes, and elevate the overall patient experience. 

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