Siemens Healthineers Digitalizes Healthcare with New Molecular Imaging Innovations at EANM 2019EANM 2019 in Barcelona, Spain: Booth 58

Erlangen, Germany|2019-10-11

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  • xSPECT Quant quantification technology expands to include Iodine-131
  • New syngo Virtual Cockpit feature enables remote operation of SPECT and SPECT/CT systems
  • New AI applications designed to support evaluation of PET/CT and SPECT/CT images

At the 32nd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), Oct. 12-16 at the Centre de Convencions Internacional Barcelona, Spain, Siemens Healthineers debuts offerings that bolster the company’s portfolio of positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT/CT) systems and software. Of these innovations, the addition of a new radioisotope to the xSPECT Quant™ quantification technology is designed to expand precision medicine, while the expansion of the syngo.Virtual Cockpit¹ remote operation technology and the new artificial intelligence (AI) applications of the syngo.via for Molecular Imaging reading software are designed to digitalize healthcare.

xSPECT Quant adds Iodine-131
Siemens Healthineers expands its xSPECT Quant quantification technology to enable users of its Symbia Intevo™ SPECT/CT systems to perform automated, accurate, and reproducible quantification of Iodine-131². Iodine-131 joins a list of xSPECT Quant radioisotopes that includes Technetium-99m, Iodine-123, Lutetium-177, and Indium-111.

With the use of a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) precision calibration source, xSPECT Quant enables standardization of uptake values for reliable disease detection and evaluation of therapy response across imaging centers, cameras, and dose calibrators. In addition to offering clinicians higher reproducibility than traditional quantification methods, xSPECT Quant facilitates the field of medicine known as theranostics, which uses radioisotopes to both image and treat disease.

The expansion of xSPECT Quant comes with the introduction of an updated software version for the Symbia™ line of SPECT and SPECT/CT systems. Integrating a hardened Windows® 10 operating system along with whitelisting, this new software is designed to help counter cybersecurity threats to health care institutions and better protect their equipment investment.

syngo Virtual Cockpit for SPECT/CT
For its Symbia line of SPECT and SPECT/CT systems Siemens Healthineers introduces syngo Virtual Cockpit¹, which allows a remote operator to log in to a system virtually. Using syngo Virtual Cockpit software, the remote operator can aid the primary system user in exam planning or image reconstruction. syngo Virtual Cockpit is also available for the Biograph line of PET/CT systems.

New AI-powered software applications
Finally, at EANM, Siemens Healthineers debuts two artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications for syngo.via for Molecular Imaging, the reading software that supports evaluation of PET/CT and SPECT/CT images. Both applications use AI algorithms unique to Siemens Healthineers that are designed to help enable analysis and simplify actionable insights for the physician.

Lesion Scouter with Auto Identifier¹ is designed for PET/CT to detect uptake in the patient’s body and classify it automatically as physiological or nonphysiological uptake. This analysis is otherwise time-consuming and user dependent. Auto Lung 3D¹ will be designed for SPECT/CT to automatically detect the lung and five lung lobes in the patient’s dataset, segment those lobes, and construct a 3D model to quantify parameters for perfusion and lung ventilation. Accurate contouring of lung nodes can enable accurate quantification, which can impact the physician’s decision to perform surgery.

¹ Not yet commercially available in the European Union nor available for sale in the U.S. or any other country. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.
² xSPECT Quant 131 is not yet commercially available in the U.S. or some other countries. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.

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