Siemens Healthineers adds virtual education services to PEPconnect online learning platform


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  • PEPconnect Premium subscription for training and professional development with PEPconnections

Siemens Healthineers introduces new additions to PEPconnect1 (Personalized Education Plan) as part of their virtual education portfolio. PEPconnect is an online platform providing more than 7,000 learning modules on imaging and laboratory diagnostics available to medical professionals. Healthcare professionals can experience enhancements to PEPconnect with a personalized dashboard, create and join groups to communicate, collaborate and connect with others, and access to education via any device, anywhere, anytime.
Additionally PEPconnect has expanded to include PEPconnections2, a premium subscription for virtual training services. PEPconnections makes it possible to design learning plans, manage, assign and administer online training and professional development activities for various employee groups in hospitals and laboratories, whether the learning activities were developed by Siemens or not. One example is to compile professional development programs for employees in individual locations and monitor their implementation for all equipment within their institution.

"Our customers find it important to be able to offer their employees comprehensive professional development in all the relevant fields, while ensuring they also look after the employees' individual needs," says Dr. Janina Beilner, Vice President, Application Services at Siemens Healthineers. "PEPconnect and PEPconnections enable healthcare providers to give their employees the necessary training while keeping costs to a minimum, and let them access it when and where they see fit. Our virtual training services help our customers train their employees efficiently while curbing training costs."

PEPconnect provides medical professionals with customized training and professional development opportunities, with direct learning experiences in topics on laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging and minimally-invasive therapy. The learning activities were designed at Siemens Healthineers by experts in key areas, such as application design, instructional technology and information security. Learners can also construct a learning experience personalized to their needs, and share their learning experience with others via a range of social media channels or groups they are a part of within PEPconnect.

More than 200,000 medical professionals are already using PEPconnect for their training and professional development needs in seven different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese).

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