Sensis VibeAmplify productivity.

Interventional environments are busy places where many things are happening at once. Even if a procedure is routine, all moves need to be synchronized, and the entire team has to be on the same wavelength. Documenting the procedure must blend into this flow. Imagine a documentation system so anticipative it feels like a member of your team. A system that catches the Vibe and lets you handle administration along the way – without missing a beat. This system is Sensis Vibe®1. Sensis Vibe is the vital core where all events, decisions, measurements, and data from your procedures are captured. It reduces administrative effort and standardizes documentation and reporting.

With this next generation of Sensis Vibe software we have implemented a comprehensive IT security concept to increase your cath lab security level. Sensis Vibe blends into the rhythm of your interventional department and tunes up your workflow efficiency.

How well do you protect your cath lab environment? Cyber attacks are being reported more frequently because unprotected digital systems can serve as an entry point for crime. Watch the video and see how Sensis Vibe recording system increases cyber security today.

Features & Benefits

Sensis Vibe System Security

Cyberattacks pose a growing threat – particularly for healthcare providers. Major cyber risks are patient harm or data loss, disrupted operations, liabilities, and loss of reputation.

Are your most important assets – your sensitive patient data – well protected?

Sensis Vibe’s solution to safeguard your data is based on:

  • Updated software components;
  • Regular hotfixes;
  • Data encryption;
  • Windows OS hardening;
  • Access control;
  • And creation of an include list.

All these features together make up the new and and comprehensive security concept. 

*Not all security features are available as default “compatibility” mode. For the “enhanced secure” mode, all clients and server systems must run on VD15. Future availability of “enhanced secure” mode cannot be guaranteed. 

In the interventional lab you have to continuously balance critical duties in order to ensure patient safety and document the course of the procedure for follow-up care and administrative purposes.
Sensis Vibe’s core principle is ease of use at every step of the procedure. From the one-stop patient registration between Sensis and Artis to adaptable workflow support programs, Sensis Vibe helps you keep the focus where it truly belongs – on the patient.

Get up to speed quickly with the new intuitive user interface and
FlashDoc® functionality

  • Customizable workflow support programs with configurable activities
    to help standardize procedures
  • Profit from clinical decision indices like FFR, Resting Pd/Pa, DFRTM2 (Diastolic hyperemia-Free Ratio)2 and SAI.
  • Enjoy smart, automated, and adaptable data validation for complete and consistent reports at the end of the procedure
  • Integrate Sensis Vibe in the Hybrid OR or Interventional Radiology Lab and rely on the same recording and documentation system 

As an IT administrator you need to ensure data consistency, system stability, and interoperability. To support you in meeting the evolving demands for standardization and accountability, Sensis Vibe smoothly blends in with your IT infrastructure and easily adjusts to individual needs. And when it comes to reliability – you can count on stability with Sensis Vibe.

  • Ensure reliable data transfer to various hospital IT systems – Sensis Vibe uses the following interface languages: ASCII flat file, XML, DICOM, and HL7
  • Upgrade your infrastructure with Windows 10 and increase your cyber security.   
  • Easily adapt the documentation to your customized requirements using the tailored Sensis Information system database
  • Enable institution-wide integration with multi-lab connectivity
  • Reduce billing errors through seamless information integration with billing systems
  • Prevent data loss and downtime with Sensis Vibe’s new local cache
  • Maximize PC hardware utilization and ensure extended data security with Sensis virtual server appliance 

As a health service provider you need to manage costs and revenue to sustain state-of-the-art patient care for today and tomorrow. Sensis Vibe positively impacts your bottom line in many ways, from speeding up data management to showing you the big picture of your interventional floor’s efficiency.

  • Improve efficiency of your documentation process with Sensis Vibe's optimized documentation features
  • Enable interventional lab sharing among disciplines with the Sensis Vibe/EP combo solution
  • Protect your cash flow by providing complete and accurate procedure data for billing
  • Benefit from new features and workflow improvements over the entire product lifecycle with Sensis Vibe’s comprehensive upgrade opportunities 

Clinical Use

Whether right heart catheter, congential or coronary interventions – Sensis delivers pristine signal quality and integrated measurements. You benefit from automated calculations of gradients, shunts, valve areas, and resistances. An integrated FFR, Resting Pd/Pa and DFRTM2 option allows you to perform measurements during a procedure.