IMMULITE/Dimension/Stratus CS Control Migration

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. have expanded their global ADVIA® Chemistry and ADVIA Centaur® Immunoassay Systems joint marketing agreement. Bio-Rad will now offer their quality control products and Unity™ Quality Control (QC) data management solutions to Siemens IMMULITE® Immunoassay Systems, RIA, Dimension® Integrated Chemistry Systems, Dimension Vista® Intelligent Lab Systems, and Stratus® CS Systems customers. The combination of quality control products and data management solutions will assist Siemens customers in the tracking and reporting of the analytical performance of their laboratory systems.

Through this agreement, all Siemens immunoassay and chemistry systems can now use the same portfolio of Bio-Rad and Siemens controls. This reduces the number of controls that your laboratory must manage. In conjunction with this, three IMMULITE and RIA controls, CON6, Tumor Marker, and Cardiac will be discontinued.  Inventory is expected to be depleted by April 1, 2012 (see Table 1 in the IMMULITE Control Info tab). Specific DADE® controls used with Dimension, Dimension Vista, and Stratus CS systems will also be discontinued. The list of DADE® controls that will be discontinued, as well as the expected inventory depletion dates, is provided in Table 1 of the Dimension Control info tab.

Siemens Portfolio Controls and Data Management Solutions
Bio-Rad’s Unity software products offer varying levels of functionality ranging from basic Internet-based data submission to advanced real-time QC data management, rules evaluation, and analysis, providing laboratories with increased confidence in their test systems and proficiency survey outcomes. 

Thank you for your continued support of Siemens products and solutions.