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C-peptide: Roles in Diabetes, Insulinoma, and Hypoglycemia
Provides a concise review of C-peptide production and physiology, explores its application in diabetes testing, and reviews its well-established role in hypoglycemia and insulinoma. A comparison of C-peptide assays on the Siemens Immunoassay systems is also provided.
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C-Peptide – An Intriguing Molecule
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Perspectives Articles

  • Key Opinion Update: Microalbuminuria Test Methods
    Siemens spoke with Chris Price, MD, about recent changes around urinary albumin testing found within the 2008 American Diabetes Association recommendations, Standards of Care in Diabetes.
  • Early Detection Is Key
    Discusses how prompt detection is the key to prevention, and how elevated urine albumin levels are providing an early warning sign for physicians.

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