Public health: Five keystones on managing pandemicsArticle on expanding precision medicine published in the Journal of Precision Medicine

Public health: Precision medicine in pandemics article from JPM

The consequences of COVID-19 have been devastating for the population worldwide. The impact has been unprecedented, and the long-term physical, psychological, and economic toll of the pandemic is as yet unknown.

The principles of precision medicine can guide our collective response to COVID-19. Precision medicine can help us to understand who is most at risk, and why; and to tailor both individual treatment and community responses to COVID-19, based on high quality data. Rather than increasing expenses, this approach actually directs resources to where they will have the greatest impact.

A global pandemic requires a robust international response. That response should be guided by data, and tailored to the unique circumstances of each patient as well as the national or regional context. We have identified five “keystones” that are vital to a successful pandemic response. In each of these domains, a precision, data-guided approach will maximize the effectiveness of the response.