CLINITEK Status® Connect System

CLINITEK Status® Connect SystemNeed more control over your point-of-care urinalysis testing process?

CLINITEK Status® Connect System simplifies wireless or wired connectivity and testing oversight in point-of care urinalysis for improved risk management.

  • Offers flexible connectivity solutions by integrating data directly to the LIS, EMR or via point-of-care data management software solutions
  • Provides improved POC testing workflow efficiencies when interfaced to leading data management solutions
  • Improved barcode response time allows quick entry of lot and expiration data with a single scan.
  • Improves risk management through advanced operator control functions, prevents unauthorized use
  • Drives compliance across testing sites with programmable QC protocols and QC lockout
  • Auto-Checks* help to ensure the quality and accuracy of data while facilitating an enhanced interpretation of results.

Features & Benefits

Centralize control over your point-of-care urinalysis testing program with the CLINITEK Status Connect

Supports Flexible & Efficient Connectivity

  • Connect to your hospital’s LIS/HIS, EMR or point-of-care middleware solution
  • Connects by wireless, Ethernet or serial transmission
  • Supports HL7 and POCT1-A2 protocols
  • Interfaces with leading point-of-care data management solutions for centralized control and testing oversight - including Siemens’ RAPIDComm® Data Management System and Connectivity Solution; Conworx Technology POCcelerator; MAS RALS®-Plus; TELCOR Quick-Linc®

Advanced Operational Control and Management

  • Provides customized operator access level
  • Supports operator ID entry and lockout
  • Prevents unauthorized use, based on customizable settings

Enhanced Quality Control

  • Optional barcode reader eliminates manual steps and reduces transcription errors
  • Maintain up-to-date operator certification records and restrict operator access as needed
  • Define specific QC protocols for operators across multiple sites
  • QC lockout if protocol is not followed or QC test fails
  • QC documentation and report downloads are available on demand
  • Store up to 200 QC test records

Improved Data Integrity


  • Checks each strip for humidity to prevent reporting of falsely elevated results
  • Detects interferences in test samples and provides printed notation for improved results interpretation
  • Identifies Siemens strip type to save time


The CLINITEK Status Connect System provides automated reading of the Multistix® family of urinalysis tests:

  • Leukocyte
  • Nitrite
  • Protein
  • Blood
  • Glucose
  • Ketone
  • Bilirubin
  • Urobilinogen
  • pH
  • Specific Gravity
  • Creatinine
  • Protein-to-Creatinine Ratio
  • Albumin
  • Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio (ACR)
  • CLINITEST® hCG Pregnancy Test 

Technical Specifications

Semi-quantitative Tests Measured
Routine urine tests
albumin, bilirubin, creatinine, glucose, ketone, leukocytes, nitrite, pH, protein, specific gravity and urobilinogen
Kidney disease test
albumin-to-creatinine ratio
Pregnancy test
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)

General Specifications

10.7 in. or 27.2 cm
6.7 in. or 17.1 cm
7.5 in. or 18.5 cm
5.0 lbs or 2.3 kg
Electrical rating
100V - 240V AC, 50-60 Hz (with in-line lead)
Battery operation
Not available
Ambient temperature range
18 to 30ºC (64 to 86ºF)
Humidity range
18-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
automatic, self-calibrating

Communication Capabilities

Communication protocol
Data transmission options
wireless, Ethernet or serial connection
Interfaces with leading point-of-care
data management solutions*
  • Siemens’ RAPIDComm® Data Management and Connectivity Solution
  • MAS RALS®-Plus
  • Telcor Quick-Linc®
  • POCcelerator™


Patient test results
QC test results
Operator IDs

Quality Control Management Features

QC testing and reporting

QC reminders or mandatory prompt

QC lockout

Barcode Data Entry

Patient ID, operator ID and name,
QC control type, lot number, and expiration date

Barcode Symbology Supported

Code 93, Code 39 (with and without check digit), Code 128, Coda Bar, Interleaved 2 of 5 (with and without check digit)

Operator Security Features

Define up to 700 operators

Operator lock-out to prevent unauthorized use

Customize access level for each operator for the following functions:
  • Performing patient tests
  • Performing QC tests
  • Recalling results
  • Modifying system settings